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1. Can you wear vans?
2. Can you crossdress? :o

thank you!
excited for this~ I'm going as Kamui and my friends are doing a genderbent version of Aqua, Silas and Midoriko~
Awww haha never too noob~~ But you will cosplay for Fanime yeah? :D

Oooo maybe?? We did a Spring uniform ver cause it was also kind of last minute for us and it's the easily to do  ;;

Yeah I'm pretty sure. Although, most people are too busy with the con to be eating/drinking lol.
(I'm veeery sure actually. Cause a lot of the artists in the artist alley like to ask friendly people to bring them food cause they have to sit there all day LOL).
Hehe mkmk~~

What do you normally do at Fanime? ^^
Ahh Mirai Kuriyamaaa <3 I cosplayed her last year~~

I wouldn't mind meeting up depending on my schedule at Fanime~

And I feel you, I'm also really shy but I started to try and open up and be social ; u; People are pretty friendly at Fanime so I'm sure if you try to join in on anything, they'll let you join happily~~
I did~ I just did a simple one with a group of people~ Hanayo from Love Live, spring uniform :> Did you cosplay?

Haha if you like dancing, you'll definitely have fun ^^!

And yeah, like what Mythal said, stay hydrated! It gets really hot especially if you dance or walk around a lot @__@
( so if you're cosplaying, I suggest not wearing warm layers or stay inside in the shade ; u; )

Also I suggest bringing snacks or drinks yourself. They get expensive at the con. My friends just bring them big packs of snacks and water bottles~
Ahhh I feel you! My first time going to Fanime was 2013 and I had lots of fun~
(I also attended the Norcal gathering for my first time~)
But yeah, Fanime is definitely a lot bigger than the gathering, and definitely a lot more to see since there are actually things to look at and not just cosplayers.

It kind of depends on what you like. I love art, so I spend a lot of time in the artist alley just looking at the art there. There's also the dealer's hall which is cool if you like buying merch and stuff~

I spent the most time probably in the game hall! Lots of games to play or to watch others and I had lots of fun dancing with random people at Just Dance, playing mahjong and board games with people. Don't be shy and just ask if you can join them to play~ Most people are nice and would love to make new friends ^^

I was also up going to the raves/black and white ball, and watching anime and stuff with friends till really late (like till 5am), so I missed a lot of the panels during the day. But once the schedule comes out, definitely plan and see what panels you want to see LOL. (I was so tired from dancing I couldn't get up ; u; )

Ah yeah, and from my other friends who are 21+, a lot of them just like to party in their hotel rooms and get drunk LOL.

I also plan to check out San Jose in general this year, since I'm not from SJ soo. Sightseeing.

And also just checking out random gatherings that happen and whatever is going on in the halls~
Pop n music please :>

And although I'm not good at claw machines, it would be nice to see more of them.
Literally just finished a white umbreon cosplay just now ; A; (If my friend finishes on time, he'll be a shiny umbreon~)
So I guess I'll be joining you guys~
But I have no idea where this gathering place is since its only my second time going, can someone tell me? D:
WOAAHHAA $20 shipping is so expensive! haha!
nice~! good luck and keep us updated as much as possible <3

And these are the ones we're to get right if we want to play?
Well Fanime is in around 30 days ^^ ;;
Thanks <3 I'm actually going to be living in the Mariott so it seems pretty close *__*
I have no idea where G4 is ; A;

Will there maps and stuff to direct me?
Thanks, although, I'll probably just try and make it ^^
All the ones online look more on the green side (like the one I got is pretty green), but in the anime, its supposed to be more blue so ; u;

As for the place, I have no idea, sorry ; A;
It's only my second year and I only went for 2 days last year so I don't really know the building area that well </3
Kyaa thanks for letting me know about this gathering kuudere ( ✧Д✧)
Been looking for some KnK cosplayers to hang with <3

Anyways I'll be going as Mirai!

(On that note, does anyone know any website/store that sells just the skirt for the uniform? ; A; I got the top, but the skirt came in a different colour and I'm planning on either buying one or just sewing one . n. )
Quote from: Motoko on March 15, 2014, 06:09:48 PM
Ah wow, Running Man~
I didn't know there were other fans, but this is a pretty cool idea.
Definitely "bell hide and seek" would be fun.
At least you don't have "Sparta" Kooks/Kookie/Commander chasing after you...
I do know that's his character though hahaha

Maybe if Bell Hide and Seek isn't possible, there are other ideas that could work as well.
Like little games they play at late night like coin tossing, taking the right photo, coin flipping on a book, late night tea, etc.
We could also use Running Balls and punishment games like forehead flicking or chopsticks to the forehead, hahaha~
I really would like to see "drawing in sequence" as well. ^_^
(I'm such a running man nerd girl....)

Just other ideas to try as well.
Would be fun to even just watch.  =)

I'm with you on that ^^
But the bell hide and seek would definitely be fun to play~
Punishment game of wearing underwear >:)
Just looked up the site... So amazing ; A;
(Man, why is the $tress hat sold out </3 )

Anyways, I think the idea of doing it outside the con, or what airanimechiic said, would work ^^
Seems like there's a lot of K cosplayers = w=

Hrnngh, anyone cosplaying from Kyoukai no Kanata? ; u;
I'll be Mirai~
o-oh my fudgecakes, this makes me so happy to see running man fans asdfghjkl <3
I would love to join in on this if possible ; A;