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Hey guys! So I just received my uniform for this anime I'm cosplaying from, but they got the wrong colour of the skirt and I'm really disappointed by it :C

Is there anyway I can dye the skirt to make the colour the same as the one in the anime, or should I just go and try to sew a new one?

(The colour right now is a light ish green, and the colour I'm trying to make it blue.)

Thanks guys ; A;
I love this <3
So is the theme this year beach theme? :o
Did anyone get my picture~?
I was Yuko from AKB0048!

My Mom really wants to see me cosplay but I didn't take any personal pictures myself :C
Ohnoes! Darn.... I can't come Saturday D;
I'll only be at Fanime from Sunday to Monday </3

Hope to see you all there ; A;
If you see me (I'll be cosplaying as Yuko from AKB0048), let's take magical girl crossover pictures together at least ❤
Would you consider AKB0048 in the genre of magical girls (´・ω・`)?
AKB0048 anyone? (´・ω・`)
I think I've only heard a couple people cosplay from them..

Anyways, I'll be Yuko from AKB0048 and I'll be at Fanime from Sunday to Monday!
Oh aw, I won't be at Fanime yet till Sunday but I'll be cosplaying as Yuko from AKB0048 (*´▽`*)
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2013!
February 20, 2013, 07:41:39 PM
Good luck ~
I definitely want to try out next year! C:
I'm actually here on the account of my friend _ _ ) ~

He's going to cosplay this guy from Fire Emblem:

Anyways, he's looking to commission someone to make the orange red belt and the gauntlets. Does anyone know where to find people who can do that or a store that will do it...? ;;

As for me, Does anyone know any cheap wig stores? 8D
I'm looking for:

Would it be cheaper if I just find a brown wig and cut it and stuff? :>