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I'm mostly planning on wearing my Princess Tomoyo from Tusbasa cosplay on Sunday, but if you guys make it saturday then I might switch things around so I can attend!
Hi! My group and I are planning on entering the contest! Are we able to enter as a group or does it have to be an individual sort of thing?

Name: Lydia (cosplay character is Elizabeth from kuroshitsuji)
Age: 18
Talent: will update this soon :)

Name: Sammie (cosplay is ciel phantomhive from kuroshitsuji)
age: 20
talent: will update this soon :)

Name: Ciaron (Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji)
talent: will update this soon :)

and we have one more who might participate, still waiting on her!

thanks for everything!
Hi! Just checking in on how things are going! Any news on the Lizzie? Do you know if you still need one or not? Thanks!
Okay, I'll officially be coming as kenshin! :) his early years/battousai version
oh definitely, I'll be fashion taping the heck out of it! plus duct tape. not taking any chances! It's currently my final project for school so i wanted to see if I could kill 2 birds with one stone. thanks for the feedback!
Hi! Can't wait for the ball! I just wanted to double check with you guys (even though it wasn't on the list, I want to make sure), whats your policy on plunging necklines? Its a full floor length skirt but with a plunging top and then a strap structure for holding it up, the plunge is like this:

just no cleavage will be shown

Watsuki Nobuhiro would be my DREAM
So awesome!

I possibly *POSSIBLY* might do kenshin this year! i have a lot of costumes lined up already but I want to cosplay him so badly!

Here's our ciel, who will for sure be  doing it:

Ill update the rest soon, since sebastian and lizzy only have their wigs, and costumes are in progress.
Awesome! And no problems, if you do end up needing her then still willing! Actually our Sebastian might be opting out but ciel is going to do it no matter what. Do you need any like confirmation pictures or something?
Hi! This sounds super awesome! Me and two of my friends are doing ciel, lizzie, sebastian and we really want to do it! it seems like so much fun!
Hi I  also wanted to add that my group will be having an undertaker!
Hey guys! Not sure if the 2014 sign up is open yet, but just wanted to say that i'll be going at tomoyo (ccs), my friend as sakura, her boyfriend as syaoran, and our other friend as kero. can't wait!
Hi! I can't wait for fanime 2014!

Ill be going as elizabeth, my friend as ciel, friend's boyfriend as sebastian!
yay! Ill be going as kari (in her pink shirt with diamonds and yellow scarf) along with my friend who will be davis :)
Hi! Ill be going as a flygon gijinka and my friend is going to be a trainer oc :)
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2013!
December 25, 2013, 06:18:21 PM
I understand it's probably a bit early, but I was wondering if there have been any decisions made as to when the 2014 try outs might be? :) Thank you! Can't wait till fanime next year!