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Hey! K&K--I just wanted to let you know that I won't be going back to Fanime--so I'm glad we had the opportunity last year to do some fun photos with you in your Kaoru.
(Also Inoli won't be coming back and to best of my knowledge no Tenkage nor Shokora either.)

I will peek at Fanime 14 pics though to see the fun you guys (will) have! Hope it's a good gathering now that there's more interest with the movies and other new Ruroken stuff.
If it's hot, maybe I can wave those crazy long furisode sleeves around and create enough wind to keep us all icy cool!!!
Or something like that..... ;p
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 24, 2013, 08:37:32 PM
The best way would be for the official cosplay contest staff to post to everyone at the same time what they want from us next. Their email system appears to be only partially functional, as I had to actually initiate contact to confirm my group was in the contest v. waitlisted.

The fact we have not been asked to submit group members' names, the series and characters, stage prop and/or ninja info we might have, as well as the by-now-infamous how do we request craftsmanship judging time slots...? I can't imagine trying to sumbit all this at the con itself.
And if we all just take it upon ourselves from prior competition experiences to randomly start submitting information to them, will they even retain it? We'd all be submitting information in a variety of ways which I can't imagine would help them either.

And I appreciate too that everyone is trying to work together here while we flounder in confusion!!
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 24, 2013, 06:05:27 PM
So my email query this morning got me a one-line response of we're "in".
But I agree, one hurdle is over for us which is did we make it in or waitlisted, but I really want to be sure we are able to get registered for craftsmanship.
*crossing fingers and burning fabric offerings to the cosplay competition gods*
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 24, 2013, 06:10:55 AM
I have submitted an email query back to Jack. As of this morning I have not received any emails about confirmation or waitlisted.
This is extremely frustrating to not know what is going on. 
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 23, 2013, 10:22:48 PM
This is concerning, I registered my group very early on--5 minutes after reg opened--and if other have been getting emails 2 hours ago? I don't have an email yet....
By the way, you can list our Souma with Shokora as the cosplayer. And Tenkage as our Yuuko.
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 22, 2013, 07:39:07 PM
I hope this won't be a sign of what we will go through when we actually get to the convention for this year's competition.

I really enjoyed competing at Fanime two years ago, and that's why I wanted to compete here again. The onsite check in, the rehearsal and the actual competition went very smoothly for us; it was a lot of fun. Loved the Stage Pirate crew, too!
But this year?
New management for the competition or not, three weeks is enough. We need some answers so we can finish planning. I'd like to know that we're going be assured of a spot and craftsmanship judging after all the effort going into these costumes and our skit planning. Or else we can kick back and relax because we didn't get a spot.
Happy to hear you'll be back to Fanime! But sorry to hear that Friday wouldn't work for you two.
If we have any reason to change the day we wear our TK, I'll let you know by posting in here. At this point, only Inoli, impersona, and myself would be bringing TK.

Depending on some things we're waiting to find out for scheduling, if all goes well, I will be at the gathering in my Nihon kimono Fai, with Inoli in Nihon Kimono Kurorin--I mean Kurogane. And possibly a Yuuko (original kimono design) and a Souma with us.
Due to lack of posts (interest) when we're at the one month mark to finalize official gatherings--I talked to the other three that were confirmed so far and we've decide to change cosplay plans.
The outcome is we will NOT have a Trinity Blood gathering for 2013, and can look at regrouping for 2014 if there's interest next year.
If there's a sudden last minute interest with a large enough group of other people--please let me know and I'll see if it makes sense to hand the gathering over to someone else for 2013--but I'm no longer planning to bring Abel to Fanime this year.

I've worn Vatican Abel there every year since 2009 and really enjoyed it--but I can't have Empire Abel ready in time to wear something new--so I'm bringing a new costume from a different series in his place to Fanime instead. (Also Abel is not an easy costume to pack for flying. :P)
As for making this decision a month out from finalizing official gatherings, it's because of the need for planning far enough ahead so costumes are finished or fixed as needed, etc.

Thank you and hope we can regroup for 2014 if I make it back out to Fanime!

Good to hear from you!
If we do decide to proceed with TK/JK gathering, so far you'd make it be a total of 5 cosplayers.
Did you have a day/time preference? Does Friday sound good for you?

4/14 UPDATE: Some changes are going on for some people's plans and we may not have enough people to meet the minimum number for a TK/JK gathering for 2013.
At this point, I'm going to suggest regrouping for a gathering in 2014 when there will hopefully be more people with TK costumes.
To impersona: My plans are to wear Enki on Friday, and I'd still be fine with meeting you for some photos if you wanted!
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 07, 2013, 07:47:05 AM
Tomorrow it will be one week since we submitted our registration email request.
Can we get an estimate on WHEN we will get actual confirmation on our entries and responses for the questions we're asking? I don't know if you have to wait for a staff meeting or something, but communication to us would be very helpful!
Thank you!

oooh saad! Poor Rakushuun!!! *super gentle hug*
Understandable about the time and not having him repaired, thank you for the status update!!!

I'll give it a couple more weeks and if it's just us four, I won't bother submitting the gathering for 2013. And if Charis makes it back for 2014, and/or others want it, maybe it'll happen again then?
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 02, 2013, 09:32:00 AM
I appreciate the not delaying the entry process, however there's a lot of vagueness I'd love to see clarified.
The current rules as posted do not match up with the email system you're using regarding entry information.

1) Will there be another follow up email that doesn't just acknowledge our email was received, but confirming we have a slot for the competition, or that we ended up on the waiting list?

2) How will we, or don't we need to submit more detailed information about the group members, characters, stage props, and other info that was traditionally asked of us?

3) How will we request craftsmanship judging?

Thank you for any procedural clarifications!
And now it's April!
Is there enough interest--aside from Shokora, Tenkage, Inoli, tatterpixie, and I--to have a Twelve Kingdoms gathering in 2013? Is anyone else planning to cosplay TK/JK and want a gathering? seifer-sama? Anyone?

I'm all for putting the gathering on Friday if that works.
FYI that Sunday will be the date for the costume contest and the Black and White Ball, and four of us (at least) are competing this year. So that might make it trickier for us if Sunday was a preferred day for others.
Another month has gone by and it's April!!

I want to confirm there is enough interest in having an official TB gathering for 2013, so please start posting cosplays and day/time preferences.
If I don't get any or enough responses by the end of April, or if we can't get an agreement on day/time, I will not submit us for an official gathering. (I do understand there's a lot of cosplay gathering choices and TB is an older series, so not going to hurt my feelings if it's not viable!)

To update, four of us (at least, because I don't know about any others out there) are competing this year.
So our preference is for this gathering to be on Saturday/Day 2.

The costume contest and the Black and White Ball are both on Sunday, so avoiding Sunday usually makes it easier on everyone--considering the usual complexity of TB costumes--and hopefully will give us enough time to have our informal tea party again!
But some of you may prefer Sunday or even Friday, so please speak up!

(ooh reply #666!)
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 01, 2013, 12:07:17 PM
If you didn't already solve it: Use the email address in one of your email programs instead of clicking on the link.
Yeah!! I adore your Rakushuun costume! And you were so much fun to spend some extra time with last year, too.

Friday is certainly a possibility! If that would work the best for everyone--or as many as possible at least.
We'll see how check in plans are going and make our best guess about what sort of registration nightmares we might have to work around.
I'd think we'd want an afternoon as opposed to a morning time.
I'll keep gathering input over this month.

It's now March! Update time!
At this point, it is looking like I will be running this gathering. If there is someone who really, really wants run this, please speak up! Otherwise, I will work with Charis to close this thread and start the new one with me as the owner.

Regarding day/time, please start posting preferences, also update to who is attending.
There our four of us that cosplay TK that will be competing in the Masquerade costume contest this year, so that will have some impact to when we can set the gathering.