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My experience is limited compared to what it would have normally been in previous years - I cut my 2022 con short and was only around Thursday-Friday, compared to my usual Thursday-Sunday routine of Fanimes past.  Having said that, I need to give a shoutout to the staff manning the doors at the convention center.  I thought making use of the Clear app+bracelet system worked out pretty well.  This was by far the largest crowd I've been around in the last three years, and it did make me feel a little better knowing that there were pretty strict rules for entry being enforced.  I came across three "situations" where people had to either be turned away or otherwise said "no" to, and each time staff was firm but courteous and respectful.

The first encounter involved someone not having a booster shot.  It sucks that the potential attendee got that far into the process and wasn't allowed in, but the requirements had been posted with plenty of notice for that to be taken care of in advance.  I'm totally empathetic to those who legitimately aren't able to receive a vaccine, but those were the posted rules and let's be honest, would that type of environment be the best place to be if you were immunocompromised in the first place?  Also, it seemed like they managed to get one full course of the vaccine so that part wasn't even an issue for them, they were just missing a booster which should have been easy to deal with.

Someone else was denied entry because they didn't have a mask.  Again, another situation that could have been easily avoided.  Like, they're available everywhere these days. And regardless of your personal opinion on their effectiveness, they were a stated requirement and literally not a big deal for all the thousands of other attendees around them.  Again, the staff member at the door didn't turn it into a big deal, they just politely said they would not be allowed inside without one and even suggested places nearby to purchase one. I brought extras just in case something happened to the one I had, but unfortunately I left my spares in my car and was already halfway up the stairs inside otherwise I would have offered one to them.

The last one happened late Friday night just before I left the con.  A group of people, all with badges and wristbands, came up to someone staffing the doors at the main entrance and asked if they could get a spare wristband.  Like bruh, who needs a replacement?  I'm sure that should a legitimate situation have arisen, staff could have easily verified your info, destroyed the previous wristband if they still had it, and then issued a new one by having staff directly secure it to the person's wrist.  You swear they're just going to hand a new one out to some rando.  99.9% sure they were trying to get someone in who was either not willing or failed to clear the health checks, and I was pretty happy they were denied. 

That's it.  I just wanted to share my appreciation for the people who have to deal with all the craziness and rambunctiousness that comes with an absolute mob of otaku.  People usually do a good job thanking Fanime staff, but we shouldn't leave out the people who normally work there and quite probably have little familiarity with anime or its related fandoms.  Hope everyone manages to stay safe and healthy, and enjoyed finally being able to get back together for the first time in a long time.  Hopefully 2023 brings a return to a more "normal" Fanime with the various programming that had to be omitted this year, but should the need for health verification be required again I won't have a problem with that.
Has anyone heard about plans for either MusicFest of Swap Meet this year?  I'm sure trying to organize either of those two events would have been extremely difficult with how the last two years have gone, but those have been the biggest draws for me the last few years and I'm hoping that that'll both be included in some form this year.  With less than two months to go and still without any announcements in the forums or on the main page, I'm thinking that they might be casualties of circumstances.  I am super stoked to see Aoi Yuki announced as a GoH, so I suppose there's still hope for some additional exciting news.
Strange to think that if it wasn't for COVID-19, I would be packing up from Day 0's swap meet, lugging all the junk I didn't sell and all the new loot I purchased back to my car, and picking up a couple of bacon wrapped hot dogs as a midnight snack right now.  In the morning, well, noon rather, I'd wade through the crowd trying to get into the dealer's hall, maybe do a lap around artist's alley, and then get all my stuff ready for the second night of swap meet.  Plus I'd be looking forward to whoever was performing at MusicFest on Saturday night.

Instead, I'm at home, thankful that I'm still healthy and actually quite overwhelmed at work.  It'll probably wind up being a 12 hour day for me tomorrow, so I'll feel just as tired at the end of the night as I would if I were actually at Fanime.  Guess I'll just have to scratch my swap meet itch by selling a bunch of stuff on reddit and ebay, and looking for as many sweet deals as I can.

What would you be doing right now if things were the old normal, and Fanime was going on this weekend?

I hope everyone in the Fanime community stays safe and healthy, and I expect to see all of you in person next year!
Live Programming and Events / 2016 Swap Meet Question
February 10, 2016, 11:58:14 PM
Just wondering if there are any details that can be shared regarding this year's swap meet.  Are there any dates that can be given as to when we'll be able to request a spot?  Will it be back in the South Hall like I'm hoping?  Sizes and prices would be nice to know as well.  Heck, can we even get confirmation that there's going to be a swap meet this year?  I mean, I know the words "swap" and "meet" are up on Fanime's site, but that's almost literally as far as it goes.
With Fanime and Swap Meet 2012 only days away, I thought I'd put up a last minute post for folks to get an idea of what I'll be bringing.  This isn't a complete listing of everything I'll have, and I'll be sharing the space with a friend, so who knows what other kind of goodies you'll be able to find in our 5x10 space!

Please note that I'm still figuring out the prices of some of these items, mostly the figures, and that the price and selection may change by the time I actually get set up in our assigned spot.  In many cases, there will be some flexibility in the pricing, especially if multiple items are purchased.  Also be aware that all items listed are in like-new used condition, except where noted otherwise.  I try to keep my stuff in good condition, but expect to see the usual shelf wear on boxes or slight cover bends in manga.

Anime figures (please see this list for images of the available figures:
Julia - Cowboy Bebop (Yamato)
Tokiha Mai - Mai-Hime (Max Factory)
Nina Wang - Mai-Otome (Organic)
Yumemiya Arika - Mai-Otome (Organic)
Lena Sayers - Mai-Otome S.ifr (Milestone)
Nagi - Kannagi (Banpresto)
Inu Yasha - Inu Yasha (Kotobukiya
Kagome & Shippo - Inu Yasha (Kotobukiya)
Hyakkisyo Shion - Shirow Masamune (Beagle)
Hazuki - Tsukuyomi -Moonphase- (Alter)
Iroha - Samurai Spirits (Art Storm)
Narusegawa Naru, Otohime Mutsumi and Maehara Shinobu - Love Hina (SEGA) - sold as a set
Nishino Tsukasa (school and gym uniforms) and Toujou Aya (school and gym uniforms) - Ichigo 100% (Omnicle) - sold as a set
HoiHoi-San, Combat-san, PEST-X-san - Ichigeki Sacchu! HoiHoi-san Legacy (Kotobukiya) - I'm actually not sure if I'll be bringing this set.  If I do, I'll be asking for $150

Trading "figures"
Fender Mustang (Red Variant) - Beck
Gibson Les Paul (Yui strap version) - K-On!
Fender Jazz Bass (Mio strap version) x2 - K-On!
Gibson Flying V (Sawako strap version) - K-On!
Gibson Flying V (stand version) - K-On!
- other random trading figures/blind box items

After School Charisma vol 4 - $5.00
Bakuman vol 8 - $5.00 (reserved)
Bleach vol 7, 8, 13, 14, 18 - $4.00 each or $15 for the set
Chibi Vampire vol 1, 12 - $4.00
Drifters vol 1 - $4.00
Fallen Vampire vol 1 - $4.00
Fushigi Yugi vol 3 - $3.00
Fushigi Yugi: Gendu Kaiden vol 8 - $3.00
Initial D vol 15-20 - $4.00 each or $15 for the set
Papillon vol 3 - $3.00
Prince of Tennis vol 10-12 - $3.00 each or $6 for the set
Sayonara, Zetsubo-Sensei vol 1-3 - $4.00 each or $10 for the set (reserved)
Togainu no Chi vol 1 - $4.00
Yokai Doctor vol 1 - $4.00

PS3 Games
Bleach: Soul Resurreccion - $50.00
Borderlands - $15.00
Fight Night Champion - $25.00 (new, sealed)
Mass Effect 2 - $20.00
Nier - $20.00
Rage - $20.00
Red Dead Redemption - $20.00
Resident Evil 5 - $20.00
Soul Calibur IV - $15.00
Way of the Samurai 3 - $25.00

PS2 Game
Resident Evil 4: Premium Edition Metal Case - $30.00 (includes limited edition art, slight damage to corner/spine of case)

Other items I'll be bringing include t-shirts, a few anime DVDs, books, magazines and other random and cool Japanese toys and knick-knacks.  Possibly some other American comic sets.  My friend and I will be selling all night both Thursday and Friday.  Make sure to be on the look out for us, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking!