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Hello everyone!

My name is Kourtney and I'm a graduate student at the University of Oregon. I'm currently working on a study for my thesis regarding anime conventions and the COVID-19 response in 2020. The aim of the study is to look at how COVID-19 has changed the convention landscape, including responses, reactions, and new changes in the way of virtual cons.

As such, I would like to interview anyone who had planned to attend FanimeCon 2020 about their convention experiences, this last years' changes made due to COVID-19, and ideas about how it might affect anime cons in the future. I'd also like to speak to members who worked on the virtual convention elements for 2020 or any staff members. Interviews will be 20-30 minutes held over Zoom, by appointment. If you are interested, please send me a message so I can provide more details and set up interview times.

Thank you!

QuoteDue to changing time constraints, the interview process has changed to a survey but includes all of the same questions as the interview process. Any information from these surveys is confidential and not shared with anyone. It will not take any information aside from responses and only the researcher, myself, will have access.

If you are still interested in participation, I've moved the questions to a google survey here so that it's easy to access the questions.

Just wanted to update you all that the study research is now finished. Thank you to everyone who took part!