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Do DCOMs count? If so, what category?
HMVs are always great I am thinking of entering next year but I have little experience with video editing and such so we will see. I want to see a return of Kaotic Kinema she does the best HHMVs.
Super clear winner! She is amazing with HMVs.

I am hoping to enter next year. Are rules are basically the same as years past? Any theme?
OK never mind I called there is no parking accept valley, convention center parking or surrounding area. Super lame. I guess I will just find a outlying parking lot and keep my car there for the con.
I think I am just going to call then. Seems odd to have to pay for parking when you stay at a hotel.
So my question is do you have to pay parking if you stay at the Marriott connected to the convention center? If not how do we get that privilege of parking through the hotel?

Thanks in advance!
This is so awful I have never had a problem with this. There is no way I can find random people to be in my "Group" I don't see why it would hurt them to have people pick up someone else badge if anything it should help keep the lines smaller and make things quicker.
I wanted to group reg but it said min 5 so I had to do individual reg but I want to pick up the badges I payed for since the person whom's badge it is will be at work till Friday night and will have no way to get into anything if I can't pick it up. Last year I was able to pick it up fine but now I am concerned I will not be able too since it was not a group reg. Anyone know if there is anyway I can pick up his badge?
I totally remember you guys! I would like to know your pricing and if you do scans of the work or if I must bring in by USB? Should I email you?
Commissions are a for sure. I will check out office max and compare to Fed EX Office.

I finally put up some of m possible prints there on my DA under AA stuff.
None of my print work is online yet Its hand drawn stuff I am reprinting. I will scan some up later when I have time. My other work is on my deviant but that is not any of my drawings to print.
Live Programming and Events / Re: AA Prints!
February 12, 2013, 01:17:18 PM
Sorry as a artist. Let me fix that.
As an Artist I am asking. For this cons AA and other cons.

Are they worth it to sell ? Where do you buy them to sell? What sizes sell best?

Any and all help or redirection would be helpful!

Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB Button Maker!
January 28, 2013, 06:51:24 PM
I thought it looked like the coolest size not to big not to small. Really I don't mind the size but I started making button designs for that size. Really want a button maker before Fanime and Sacanime. You have one?

I would not even mind just borrowing for use with a small rental fee and my own buttons either. Any one?
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB Button Maker!
January 11, 2013, 09:31:22 PM
Hi I am wanting to but a button maker preferably 2.25 size but any size will do. I am also willing to buy other AA helpful stuff that you may think of that you no longer need. Hit me up on AIM (Malocide) or on here!
When I went in to go get one in San Jose they said they disliked how many people go them last minute for Fanime and thanked me for getting one so early. Based on that I would say BOE would love if you got it way in advance.
Thank you the food thing makes sense. I hope you can do some kind of bag check it would be way appreciated. This year I will try hard to just have a close room or car but as I said I am concerned about those new con goers with like I was carrying everything in their backpack.Thanks for taking all I have said into consideration and I am sorry to let you know about the pill thing.

Besides that keep it up I love the dances and recommend them anyone who loves dancing. My sister who is not big in the anime scene might go just because the dances sound so fun and worth the cost of the con.
I sent an email but no reply. Waiting is hard.
I hated that I could not bring in food or drink most people do not really have a place to store stuff close to con and asking them to throw out there food to dance is rather nuts. Have a check bag area or something if its really such a problem. I understand why but the silly thing is I had prescription pills(I take them at night) on me which could very well been illegal drugs and they were not found. If your gonna try to get drug dealers PLEASE GET THEM! but don't hurt the con goers with no where to put there bags filled with all their belongings. When I first went to Fanime and AX I was always crashing in rooms I could not really keep my stuff safe so I carried everything with me including my food for the con and asking me to throw it out back then would have been devastating.