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Quote from: Jerry on August 13, 2008, 09:32:28 AM
funny, i was chatting with a friend who started playing this old RPG and i was flipping thru the strategy guide and since he saw me as Roy he swore I could probably pull off this character as well :

i'll have to wait and see...  :D

OMG Jerry!  Do it!
Quote from: yumicchi88 on August 12, 2008, 10:22:19 PM
good luck!!! :D

I will be having difficult times with mine too. Im not that experienced and not good at altering patterns. (I always cry to my friend for help)

Thanks!  I'll need it since my other friend who is a cosplayer wants me to make original patterns and I'm like...  uh no. I may have to make some original patterns for the apron and such, but the underlayers.... I'm going to be finding close enough patterns asap!  :-)
I have a irking feeling that if the panels were moved over to the marriot side the traffic flow would be worse... just my opinion. Then again, maybe I'm wrong.

Also take into account the fire codes and posted occupancy maximums for that area. If its in the green then go for it, I guess.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Weapons/props?
August 12, 2008, 08:03:22 PM
HOSHI!!!!!  You should have asked me before posting thus...

(...and you didn't tell me you're finally going to go to Fanime!   :( )

But yeah, the emails Jerry gave you would probably be the best to ask.....

I'll try to show up with my random Day Class Girl cosplay! :-)
Oh man, this is the first year I'm going to dedicate some time to cosplaying, since usually I'm running around as a SoS staffer. 

Here's my list of cosplays I want to do for '09:

  • Prier, La Pucelle Tactics
  • Day Class Girl, Vampire Knight

Theres a couple other cosplays my friends are begging me to do, but my monetary resources after my planned costumes is running a bit thin.....
To debut in 2009, I'm currently working on Prier from La Pucelle Tactics, an older PS2 game.  I do not know if she is really a not so well known character but seeing lack of cosplayers cosplaying Prier, I assume she's a rather difficult cosplay to perfect. 

Hopefully this works out since the costume itself is made up of multiple layers and its the first cosplay I want to make 110% perfect and accurate.  No offense, but I'm a experienced seamstress just I have not made a cosplay of such skin-showing caliber.  Wish me luck!
Lemme recoup from my budget mayhem that was Fanime, and then I shall come down from the wary hieghts of Placerville!

Yays Jerry, if this is still happening by like a week from now, lemme know, cause thats when I get paid.... And I'll take the train down and party with you and like Emily and erick, and uh.....EVERYONE!
ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ;)
Hey everyone.... 

I wanted to thank most of the SOS staff I worked with as well, but yeah, everyone's names are mixing and coagulating in my mind. 

I was the peacebonding lady who took over almost every evening after cassie especially after I got hurt. I wanted to thank all the people who brought me weapons cause you guys rocked.  Everyone was nice and this was the best year I've had at fanime. 

Kudos to the Tech Department for the gentleman who talked to me about what they do;  Kudos to reg for being flexible and awesome....Kudos to Con-Ops....  I love you guys!

And a final kudos to the fans on friday and saturday mornings who made up the AnCafe Line @ 5-9AM.....(sorry I know these people are not staff or volunteers, but they were freaking awesome.)  You guys behaved so well and were all warm and fuzzy!
General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime Hotels
May 31, 2008, 10:42:40 AM
I'm going to try the Hilton this year since for the past couple I've been in have been at the Marriott.  Elevator issues annoyed the hell out of me.
My con hours were geared towards beating Steve Young, but I failed.... though I opened base at 7:30AM on Thursday and mastered about 4 hours a night?  Though there was that one time in the Hot Tub.....  *sighs*

And then there was my leg that failed on me from walking too much?
So sad....  I was wishing the car ride wouldn't end, since my San Jose friend drove me practically back to lake tahoe.....  I miss everyone.... :(
Now we're bringing up man faye?   :D This could get interesting, hehe.
Quote from: Shinsengumi on May 30, 2008, 12:30:07 AM
Quote from: K&K4ever on May 29, 2008, 09:25:02 PM
Well now we know better. Kimu told me that next time I should get most of my stuff out the night before. That way you only have to take one trip down the next morning (to get to the con and put the last few bags in your car.)

I always do that every year  ;) :-*

Pretty smart...  Didnt do it this year but next year its going to happen.  In fact, maybe I'll try the Hilton next year and see how it is...elevator wise... 

Because of my staff responsibilites I have to be close by in case of sudden acts of God, aka emergencies, so i can't just jump down the road to a off site hotel.
Quote from: Steve.Young on May 29, 2008, 05:59:51 PM
Please, try walking a good 30 miles a day or running as a matter of fact, place to place catching evil doers! Me and my department second (Deonchan) walked to Walgreens to get Gels...

now the question for you all is..

Are you gelling?

Does getting lost with Mike A. (the other department second) 5 miles from con, walking in circles trying to follow his GPS navi on foot work?  And yes, we too we're trying to find Walgreens, lol
Unfair Thing?  That the convention ended so soon....  :(
So guys, you're gonna    :o  when you hear this one....

My friend sent me video of the Marriott elevators breaking and a group of cosplayers stuck inside with him taping...  I'm going to get him to trim it down and post it on YouTube, so I'll post a link soon hopefully.... Its hilarious, trust me.

And btw, the reason it needs to be trimmed is cause its like 15 minutes long....

And speaking on the issue of people yelling at others to take the stairs...  Please people, unless you know what the person on the other side of the elevator is ailing from... do not say the horrid "TAKE THE ______  STAIRS!!!!"  its rude and wrong....

But anyways, video will be up soon
General Convention Discussion / Re: So Tony
May 29, 2008, 05:36:13 PM
Yay for Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats!
Big Event Showcase / Re: An Cafe says thanks! :)
May 29, 2008, 10:17:15 AM
An Cafe was awesome.....  hope they come back again!