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Hello everyone! I will be attending the shoot as Mizuki! This will be my second year cosplaying him and I'm really excited!
Hello! I will be attending as a Modern Fenris! Can't wait to meet you all!
My boyfriend and I will be attending as Link and Tetra! (Wind Waker)
General Anime Chat / Re: Is Cosplay Color Blind?
May 09, 2015, 01:51:12 PM
Personally, I think anybody of any size, gender, or color should be able to cosplay anyone they'd like. Cosplay is supposed to be a hobby and for fun.

However, being someone who's a dark skinned asian, I've gotten some backhanded comments about how I "should have picked someone better for my skin tone". In one case when I was a young teen cosplaying Tomoe Mami it was especially bad because a few guys thought it would be funny to tell me I was a wonderful "black Mami" and tug off my wig and say "oh man, we just ripped out yo weave". And this is in California. We're supposed to be liberal as hell. Since then, I've stuck to cosplaying tanned characters for the most part just to avoid a scenario like that again.
My boyfriend and I are going as Link and Tetra. I'm hoping that the paperwork for this gathering is submitted. I'd love to have an official location.
1) Create a daily budget for yourself. That way you don't spend too much all at once. Also, artists alley tends to lower their prices on the last two days.

2) You'll probably meet a lot of great people. However, sometimes you'll get invites to drink and hang out in someones' hotel room. Never go alone. Those hangouts tend to have a lot of alcohol and even if you don't drink, things can escalate  into uncomfortable levels pretty fast.

3) Don't eat the food at Fanime. It's expensive as all hell.

4) Look at the event (gaming halls, cosplay gatherings, karaoke, panels, dances, etc) forums and make a schedule for yourself. Write down what you want to attend and organize it. Make sure you don't end up doing too much in one day.

5) Bring comfy shoes to change into if you're cosplaying or wearing fancy shoes. You will walk a LOT.

6) In your bag, carry some emergency supplies! (Cosplay fix it kits, deodorant, water, first aid, makeup, etc)