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Registration / First time Artist Alley Registration
November 03, 2017, 11:22:08 AM

       So, its my first time registering for the artist's alley tomorrow. I know a little bit about the process, and I know the staff wants to see what you'll be selling, but beyond that I've got nothing?? I don't know what to expect, and since this is my first time registering for Fanime's artist alley, I was wondering if anyone had more information? What to expect, tips, what the process even is? I just want to know what yo expect because I hear Fanime is a bit different than other art alleys.



How would you like a free starter Pokemon? If you're interested, I'll be cosplaying a Pokemon Breeder during the Friday of the convention (starting around 4pm). If you would like a starter pokemon, just stop me and ask! I've got four of each, and I can always get more!

In case there's more than one breeder cosplay, I'm the bearded Puerto Rican dude with a Treecko in his pocket. I will be hard to miss. I'll also be wearing a flower crown, so that will help.

I'll be coming to the con as Little Mac, so yeah, count me in.
Just speaking as a general enthusiast of these kind of dances, I just ask that there be some wicked variety this year. In the past fanime years, the music tended to be too soft to dance to and it was really repetitive. To be completely honest, and I'm not trying to be a cynic, my friends and I usually wind up only staying for about an hour every year because it's too soft and repetitive (granted, for some reason, 2009 had some good music). I think the DJs this year are going to be awesome hopefully, so all I ask is that the music is faster and has enough variety to be interesting.

So yeah, hope I'm not coming off too harsh, I just really want to get my feet moving this year. Good luck, DJs!

I'm doing it. Also, this sounds awesome.
Hotel Name: St. Claire
Would You Book Next Year: Heeeeeck yeah.
Pros: Spacious room. It was able to comfortably room me and my other two friends, and the bed was huuuuuuge. We all slept in it. The fridge stays cold, the bathroom shelves are well placed, and the water pressure on the showers are amazing. On top of all that, the customer service is fantastic.
Cons: Valet parking takes a while sometimes, but that might also be typical for the opening day, so that's up to you.
Special Notes to Share: If you plan on eating in the room, bring a hot water kettle, because it will be your best friend (ramen, tea, hot chocolate, and a bunch of other stuff). The fridges can be a tad short on room, so don't depend on all refrigerated foods (For example, use the fridge mostly for drinks and whatever special foods may need the fridge).
Registration / Payment methods
April 07, 2011, 01:09:34 PM
About to get ready for pay for the badge, and the only option that is available is Paypal. I do not have a Paypal, but I do have a debit card that is connected to my bank account. Can I still register with my debit card, or do I absolutely have to make a Paypal accocunt?
Yeah, I hope to do both if I can :D It'd be awesome to see other Egypts though, because i only saw one last year.
I'll definitely be there as a Team Rocket Grunt XD I wanted to make a custom Team Rocket team on Pokemon: Heart Gold just for the occasion, so I'm hoping that goes well.
You should do it on any day but friday I think, because that's when people are just showing up to the convention and not everyone's dressed up yet. I think Saturday would be an awesome day for it, because that tends to be the busiest day. I'm hoping to join, because I'm working on my own Puerto Rico cosplay :D
Hey guys. Because my custom cosplay as Turkey is taking too long, and my Egypt cosplay is too simple, I wanted to make a custom cosplay. I'm black, white, and Puerto Rican together (give or take some Brazilian) and I'm not dark enough to cosplay Cuba or Haiti and I'm not light enough to cosplay, well, anything else. My hair's not afro-ey, so I decided that I wanted to do a Puerto Rico cosplay instead, and I think it'd be fun.

But, I have no idea what to do with the apparel. I wanted to carry around a Chameleon plush on my shoulder, but I'm lost at that point. I know I don't want to wear sandals throughout the convention (I may change that later though), but aside from that, I really can't decide on how to do this. So, if you could post any shirts or pants that may be good for making a Puerto Rico outfit, that'd be awesome. I just need to brainstorm, and it'd be awesome if anyone had suggestions.

If this goes through, I'll have two cosplays this year (Team Rocket Grunt being the other one), and maybe three if the Egypt or Turkey one works out. If you have any suggestions, post them here! Thanks : D
Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hello all, my name is Brad. I'm from Marin county, and I've been trying to find someone from San Fransisco (mostly due to transportation purposes) to room with (although it's not required). I'm a guy, if the name didn't give it away, and I'm generally easy to get along with. I don't get mad or shouty, and I'm willing to abide by any rules you have. Don't worry about me during the convention because I have friends I'll be meeting up with as well, but I'm sure whoever my potential roommates may be will be awesome too. I don't smoke, and I won't sneak alcohol into the room, and I don't really care what your habits are so long as it's not heroin or rape. I'm 18, just for the record, so I'm not some creepy dude trying to room with a bunch of underaged boys/girls. I'm not very good at talking about myself in all honesty, so you should contact me later if you want more info. Money is tight right now for some things, but I should have around $200 for fanime spending money (including food, excluding the ticket), but I'm willing to negociate any hotel fares that you have in mind. I don't mind people who are too loud, and I bathe every morning thoroughly. I don't mind if you like to party, because I also like going home with stories to tell. If you don't, then that's fine.
+ Hotel Information: I'm willing to stay in any hotel that isn't in Germany, for the entire convention. Seriously, I don't really care where the hotel is, so long as I get to sleep in one. Again, we can talk money if you like. I'd prefer to stay the whole convention, but I really just need anything at this point. Heck, I'll pay everyone in free art commissions if that'll pay it off :P
+ Requirements: Not many really, same for restrictions. Just don't fondle me in my sleep or watch me poop and I should be fine.
+ Contact: Add this guy, the one with the hair on his face. That's me. You can add me as a friend on here, and I'll add you, but I'd prefer if you'd say that you're a convention goer in the friend request. If not, eh, I'll add you anyways and you can tell me then. If my link decides to be totally retarded, then you can call me too. Because I'm in school, I have a schedule, but it's not that restricting:
Monday: Wednesday, Thrusday: Any time after 2pm.
Tuesday: Any time after 5pm
Friday: Saturday, Sunday: Any time.
(1-707-450-9759) My number
+ Miscellaneous: I'm a nice person in my opinion. I don't really like having to say it really, but it's a good thing to know. I'll respect any rules you have so long as it gets me a room for the weekend D: Thanks a bunch!

I think I can help you.

I don't know how much it's cost, but I do know that it'd be out of paper mache. Don't worry, the paper mache I specialize in makes all my creations very durable, tough, and long lasting. I need to tell you know that I'm 17, but I can create anything you need. If you want further proof, I can send you pictures of myself and the broadsword I have made and my Hollow Mask.

I've seen Hiroku's tail, and it's tricky. I'll need to feed a strong wire through so you can bend it as you like, and all of the pieces will be proportional to the actual Hiroku himself. If you want it any bigger or any smaller, just say so.

Again, I'm a minor, so payment will be tricky. We'll discuss construction fees if you choose to have my make your tail. If you do want me to, ask for my Facebook, and we can do business there.

Thanks for your consideration :3
All right! Let's get to it!

I still need money, I need about $230 to $280 for spending and for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for four days (I'm leaving on a friday, and coming back monday). Also, I need an additional $50 to pay my part of a hotel (A group I'm in pitching in to stay at a hotel for 3 night). Needless to say, this is going to be expensive D:

Now, the title mentioned weapons, props and a contest. What's that all about?

I'm probably still going to need money by the time Fanime comes. I know how to make weapons out of paper mache (not just that, they're hard and durable too) that will last a while. I have already made a full-length broadsword that is actually heavy and durable through most conditions. What I need from you guys is ideas for cosplay weapons and props that people will want, anything helps. I've thought of making kunai knives, stuffed sea-salt ice cream, and many more things. Idea?

Contest! 8D

I'm hosting a contest on GaiaOnline, Deviantart, Facebook, and the actual Fanime website for what would be a good cosplay weapon to make, a GOOD one. Basically, what you need to do is tell me a weapon from a show that would be cool to make, and it can be any weapon. Also, put picture links in the descriptions of these weapons as well. He, it can be your own design too!

My favorite idea will be made. Also, it will be sold to others. If it's your design or your idea that gets picked, then you can have first dibs on buying it (Price varies in size and construction, usually can range from $10 for just somethings simple like a knife, ninja star, or something, or $70 for something like the Buster Sword form Final Fantasy 7, the Advent Children version ._. They usually won't go any higher than that though). In this contest, your imagination can be tangible through me!

So yeah, give ideas for some weapon prop or other prop that people would like, and leave pictures too. Also, tell me which one are and are not for the contest! Thanks for the help, I'll get to work on any good ideas!

To contact me about the contest, contact me via Facebook! I'll give it to those who enter, and post your idea there!