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Hello everyone, while yes this is going to be a shameless promotion plug for our site this is also something you might be interested in. We got a partnership with some of the local gamestops here in the northern California area and we been getting tons of stuff to give away. So we started this week our weekly giveaway of awesome stuff. So for next week you have a chance to win a Uncharted 3 Penny Arcade poster. Rules are that its entry one per person and to enter you just need to put a dollar for it. We will announce winners next week on our website. The more that enter the better chances we get more stuff to give away too! Trust me this is real, and no I am not a bot. Otherwise It would of sounded more cliche haha. Well here is the link. and tell your friends too!
Buy/Sell/Trade / (WTS) A bunch of anime stuff to sell
October 19, 2011, 06:22:11 PM
So due to these economic times I don't have much money and being jobless here is some stuff I am selling right now.

Naruto wallscroll x 1
Ghost in the shell Wallscroll x 1
Prop Plus Petit PPP K-ON P 2 Figure Tainaka Ritsu x 1
Fate Hollow Ataraxia : 1:6 Rin Tohsaka (Swimsuit Ver.) Pre-painted PVC Figure x 1

Do mind I will need at least 5$ for shipping for each item. Best way of payment would be Paypal. All item are open to any price, as long as its not 5$ since I need those 5$ to ship it and that won't give me any profit :(

but yea thanks!

pics of what your getting

(I couldn't quite find the right wallscroll image but this is essentially your getting only kakashi is in the background. Team 7 pretty much)

also email me at [email protected] if you could. Thanks!
See if you find yourself here! here is all the pics we took from this past weekend!
Ivess just told that for the masq. That if it's anything that is not related to anime or asiam films are not acceptable. I was going to plan to do a dead space 2 skit but reading this does it mean my skit is dead in the water to begin with?
ah okay got ya. I have something awesome planned for this year's masquerade!
Actually I have another question about the lights, is it possible to flicker the lights fast?
sweet I was going to ask that. Awesome, huzzah!
okay thats fine. Let us know if that is an option before april 1st hits. ^^b
I am looking through the info about the masquerade information, Where exactly are the lights going to be coming from? And is it possible to request the lights to be dimmed down or set to a different color?
Hello curious people! I am looking for someone to help out with my skit or walk on. I am looking for someone to be Issac's dead girlfriend, Nicole, from Dead Space 2. The light part coming out of her eyes and mouth is optional but if you manage to pull it off that be great. I am not saying much to spoil anything but yea for those who will attend this year's masquerade, you guys are in for a treat. PM me or reply on here and if this is in the wrong section, let the powers of be, MODS, to move this to its rightful place. Thanks everyone!

Here are pics of Nicole:

hello everyone, I am here not only as a otaku nerd but also a person who been enlightened on a very serious topic. The internet is something we love and like to go on. Going on facebook to chat with our friends, playing video games online, watch anime, looking up great sites like this site and many others, and of course the many lawls we get from lol cats to the everything goes with guile theme song videos we laugh on youtube. Will I am here to tell you guys that our very internet is in danger of being taking away. I am sort of new to the issue at hand but I been trying to keep up with that is going on. in this video pretty much explains what is going on and how the internet works for all of us.

What can you do about it? spread the word, talk to everyone, talk to your representatives, email congressmen, and the FCC. The internet is something that is free for everyone and that everyone should have. Without the internet would we watch our anime?

more links to some articles you might want to read up on. its not too late to save the interent my fellow nerds! spread the word!

And of course join the effort at
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2010
April 12, 2010, 06:27:45 PM
Quote from: ruby19_4 on April 12, 2010, 08:22:18 AM
lol. i was also one of them that ask, but no I do understand. You should read it clawmaster.

Quote from: PyronIkari on April 11, 2010, 11:51:20 AM
Quote from: ruby19_4 on April 11, 2010, 09:44:46 AM
Hey. I was wondering what the schedule going to be for the maid cafe. I just dont want to miss it again this time. thx.

11-6 Sat+Sun

Fanimaid-Live performance will be roughly the same time as last year early afternoon sat

cool thx. I keep that in mind.

thx for the link. yea just a innocent idea I threw out there, don't mean any harm in it. anyways yea ignore this post and you guys do your thing.
with skimming through this thread I have only one question to ask. well kinda throwing it out there, will it ever come to a time where there be a maid cafe that have both maids and butler types serving? yes I do understand the reason for the maids other then the general male demographic as it targets everyone to have fun, and I see that. Its just more of, can guys have fun too wanting to do the same thing? I mean I am a guy and I would like to do sort of the same thing, without changing my entire sex to do so lol. Just you know, guys like to have fun doing the same thing as girls do sometimes.  

EDIT: well not to get yelled at by some staffers here, I just let this be. Though would love to take up on the offer of suggesting and running the idea one of the staffers have said, just to kinda see what happens. But like me and other fans we don't know the first thing about setting up a butler type of cafe. But I have a feeling if it ever was made into a real deal that it would be fine. I mean honestly fanime is about fun, and i am sure there be something to be earned back from all the money invested in such a thing but I would like to someday see this happen. If not, then I do it >D. maybe not now but sometime in the future where fun is the law of the land and haters can walk away quietly.
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2010
April 11, 2010, 06:44:46 PM
well I was wondering, and I read in the 1st page that there isn't a host club or a butlers type of thing for a cafe but ever thought of the idea of having mixed maids and butlers for next year? You know like, draw in both gender crowds? Just an idea I am throwing it out there for next year. and I be the first butler to volunteer ^^b
Gaming / Re: _insert game here_ review thread
March 31, 2010, 10:33:52 AM
FF 13 review well sort of like a review, it was reviewed by Yahtzee. ah lol that lovable angry Australian lol.
lol yes make this happen! lol. I would love to see a rap battle, anime stlye.
Panels and Workshops / Re: Dead Fantasy Panel?
March 21, 2010, 10:44:57 AM
holy balls, monty having a panel at fanime?! dude, yes I will come to this panel. question what is it that you be covering in your panel? like what was the process of making each ep? or like commentary to each one? or possibly.............a new one to be shown? I kicked myself last year for not knowing you released an early showing of Dead Fantasy 3,4,5. Your work is incredible, and it inspires me to look forward to making my own 3d art when I transfer to san jose state.