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This is something that gets discussed every year because they put that in the rules but then I always see people with those things anyway. I've brought large suitcases and small dollies before myself without issue. I think those things within reasonable size should be okay, because otherwise I'm not sure how they want us to transport our things if we bring more than a single tub of items.

EDIT: I just received an email with some info about this, apparently dollies and carts are allowed up to the doors of the South Hall but are not allowed inside. So you can use them from your car and in line but will have to manually carry things once you get checked in basically. This is frustrating for the people who end up being located in the back of the hall since it's such a far walk to carry all your things. It does also say only "Rolling dollies, carts, wagons, and other similar items are not allowed inside" but does not specifically mention regular suitcases, so that might be a good method if available to you as far as moving things inside.
Personally, the last time I sold with an adult box, I just used a bankers box that had "ADULT CONTENT 18+" written all over it and it was fine. I don't think anyone checked the dimensions of my box, I think the sizing is mainly a guideline for the amount they want to limit you selling at swap meet, but that's just my theory esp cause the dimensions they list are a bit odd.
Live Programming and Events / Re: Swap Meet 2022?
May 16, 2022, 09:19:17 PM
Dang, that's super disappointing. I can understand some things being cut due to everything but that really was the main thing I wanted to do since I have so much stuff to sell. But with the strictness of precautions I completely understand. Honestly for the better, hope it comes back next year. Thanks for letting me know!
Live Programming and Events / Swap Meet 2022?
May 15, 2022, 10:26:53 AM
Is there going to be a swap meet this year? It was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to go so I was just wondering if there were plans for it to happen this year. Thank you for your time!
Would love to see this panel! Especially if there's a part about the Yu-Gi-Oh! dub and censoring <3
For that dress specifically, just be careful of where that middle short hem falls on your leg. If the bottoms of the hem stops above the top of your knee, you might be turned away. They will have checkers at the door making sure hems are the right length and shoes are the right diameter. If you're not sure if it's too short, make sure to have a back up just in case. I've been turned away from the ball three times, twice in one con, for my attire, so they do take it seriously. You might also consider wearing black leggings underneath, might not go with the cosplay but if that's all you have to wear and they turn you away you might have no choice. Hope this helps!
Quote from: NerdyBirdAsh on May 23, 2019, 12:58:48 PM
Quote from: Jonias on May 21, 2019, 09:37:10 AM

I'm getting conflicting information about the use of a wagon to carry the goods and I don't see anything about this on the Agreement.  Is a small wagon that's foldable allowed?  We can even carry it by hand with 2 people if needed.

Something like this:


Can we get clarification on this? Rules & Guidelines have no information listed on limitations of how to transport goods, and I'm hearing conflicting reports ranging from "You can only bring what you can carry" (which would mean I'd be out $80 as someone with a back problem who can't lift anything) to "As long as it doesn't obscure it's fine" (in which case I'd be relatively in the clear)

Any guidance would be appreciated. :)

I went in yesterday with a rolling suitcase and one of those fabric flea market rollers and those were fine. I also saw people get in fine with those beach wagons with the thick wheels to go over sand, actual dollies, and long dollies. There were rumors that you could use those up to the door but from there you had to hand carry everything to your spot, which didn't seem to be true as there were no dollies or wagons lined up by the door which would be the case if that was true. Basically as long as it's nothing super big and industrial level which would actually get in the way, you should be fine, especially if it folds up. Hope this helps, sorry if you're not doing swap meet tonight and I got here too late, but hopefully it helps! Good luck!

PS If you have a friend or someone, they are able to help you carry stuff through the check in line and to your space, especially if you have a medical problem that prohibits you from carrying heavy things (two lovely people in front of me in line I chatted with were that exact scenario).
Quote from: Koinuchan on April 25, 2019, 12:37:30 AM
We are gonna try to do the swap meet for the very first time this year, is there any like pro tips that anyone can share before we go? We literally have never sold anything before. Not even to a garage sale.

Bring plenty of change! Depending on how much you're selling stuff for, make sure to have some quarters and lots of ones and fives. It's good to have a variety of change, but make sure to have lots of small change. Expect many people to pay in 20's even for small stuff. Don't miss a sale by not having proper change right away!

Definitely figure out how to transport everything ahead of time. They do not allow dollies but you can use suitcases with wheels for easier transport. Last year I made the mistake of bringing too much without any help but was lucky and had some nice people in line who watched my stuff while I made a second run to my car. Remember you're going to have to bring back anything you do not sell!

Price tags take a long time to put on stuff (even those pre-priced stickers), so most people just lay stuff out and let people ask how much specific things are. This also makes it easier if you want to knock down some prices as the night goes on if something isn't selling well and you really want to get rid of it.

It's good to bring a blanket or tarp of some sort to keep stuff directly off the ground, but try and use a solid color as patterned blankets can make it difficult for buyers to see everything on your spot if you have a lot of small things bunched together.

Bring chairs! As long as you're not using them to display items, you're welcome to bring chairs to sit in. You'll want this as swap meet lasts a number of hours and no chairs are provided, and you don't want to sit on the concrete that long.

Try and think of the type of people attending swap meet when deciding what items to bring. Sometimes things that would sell well at a garage sale won't sell very well at an anime convention (ie appliances, tools, etc)

Bring water and snacks! It can get warm even in the huge hall, at least after setting everything up I do lol. Especially if you're selling alone, you don't want to leave your stuff to go get food, water, or go to the bathroom. So make sure to do that last one right before you get there!

If you don't know how much to sell something for, do some research beforehand! I often check what things I have are selling for on ebay and price them 5-10 bucks under that to entice people to buy them from me rather than online. Remember most people are looking for cheap deals, but don't be afraid to stand your ground on prices! Unless you really just want to get rid of stuff and don't care about how much money you make, stay steady on your determined prices even if people don't seem interested right away. If the night goes on and it still seems like no one is interested in the item for that price, then you could consider lowering it if you want to get rid of it. Otherwise just sell it online afterward.

COME EARLY TO CHECK IN! There is always a long line that doesn't always move very fast, and spots are given out first come first serve, so if you want a spot near the front, get in line an hour or two early. People start lining up super early, and remember you need to have everything you're selling with you when you check in, so you need to push it all along the line with you! (Also a good reason to bring chairs and food/water for waiting in line).

I don't know if people will try this in person but don't accept personal checks from people. It's often a scam and you won't know if it is or not until you try and cash the check. (I just got someone trying to scam me on craigslist with this old trick so I don't want anyone to fall for it lately)

It can also be handy, if you have time and effort and/or care, to keep a list of what you sell and for how much to keep track of your money. Always keep your money within eye sight or on your person. Unfortunately there are bad people out there, so protect yourself with a fanny pack or something akin so you always know where your money is, especially when doing multiple sales at once or if you need to move from your chair to show a buyer something.

If you have a bunch of one type of item (ie dvds, games, cds etc) it can be helpful to have them organized in some way relevant to the type of item or lay them all out so buyers can see the covers clearly. Some people are fine with digging through boxes/binders for things like trading cards and the like, but many don't turn a second glance when they can't see right away what you have to offer. Everything you can display fully, do so! The easier it is for buyers to see something they want, the more sales you will make. But keep in mind Swap Meet does not allow stands of any kind to display things (except peg boards laid flat on the ground).

Good luck and have fun!
Thank you for hosting! Would love to attend as Pink Mercy~
Hello! I'd love to attend as Elsa in her Frozen Adventure dress!
I would love to attend! I will be either K/Da Ahri or Star Guardian Miss Fortune (Possibly Pajama version) depending on the day!
I'm excited about these panels. I would love to see either topic but I feel like self-publishing might be a good one to start with? That would be very helpful for me as well as lots of others I think. Can't wait to attend! Thank you for hosting!
Would love to see Dan Green, Little Kuriboh, Shunsuke Kazama, Ted Lewis, Rica Matsumoto, Yō Inoue, Darren Dunstan, Taliesin Jaffe, Amber Connor, Cristina Valenzuela, Idina Menzel, Jim Cummings, Todd Haberkorn, Brad Hawkins, SkyWilliams, Kazuki Takahashi, Keith Ferguson, Lucie Pohl, Anjali Bhimani, Fred Tatasciore, Laura Post, and the Aquabats. Lmao I know most if not all of these are never going to happen, but you miss all the shots you dont take so might as well
Dealers Room / Fanime 2019 Dealer Hall Wishlists!
January 08, 2019, 07:13:58 PM
Hello again! Making another thread to see what people are looking for in the dealer's hall this coming Fanime. I figure it's worth a shot to put what people want to see in Dealer's Hall here cause maybe the dealers will check forums and see this and bring those items or type of items. I also just like seeing what other people are into and looking to find when they come. Not everyone has things in mind to look for, some just want to see what's available. Though I personally enjoy finding specific things for good prices at cons compared to buying online or from Japan. So please feel free to list anything you would want to buy from dealer's hall, whether you've seen it there previously or not!

I'm personally hoping for:

Tales of Berseria - Eizen figure (December 2018 Japan release date)
Any other tales figures
Yu-Gi-Oh! Figures (kaiba and joey mainly, I have everyone else lmao)
Trigun merchandise
D Gray man merchandise
Unique/new plushies
Lolita clothing
Kirby merchandise
Hello there! Does it cost money to have professional photos taken at the Black and White Ball? My friends have gone before and had photos taken and don't remember it costing them anything, but they are concerned it might now. Does anyone know how much it costs if so? Thank you very much!
I would love for there to be an ita bag meetup! I know it's a bit late but I'd love to bring my bags!
Probably know the answer to this one but thought I'd give it a shot. I am bringing a lot of items, I would love if my boyfriend could come help carry things in and set up but not actually sell with me. He does not have a fanime badge and I am only selling Thursday. Would he be allowed just to help get my things in and set up if he is not selling with me?
I can't seem to find this though I'm sure it is somewhere and I am just having a terrible moment of stupidity, but what size should the adult content box be? I recall it having specific dimensions and want to be sure I get it right.
Room is being canceled!
Hello! Is anyone interested in taking a room off my hands? I'm unable to stay the whole weekend and only just found out unfortunately. It's a double room (two double beds) at the Holiday Inn, checking in Thursday May 24 and checking out Tuesday May 29, though you might be able to talk to the hotel about those if you want to leave earlier. Still get the Fanime discount, so the total for five nights is about $582. This hotel is a bit far from the convention center but is on the shuttle list. If no one is interested in taking the room, I will cancel the reservation. Please let me know if you are interested in taking over this room! Thank you!