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I'd be there...but you know my life gets in the way.   :'(

I miss you all!  Have a blast!
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Got my pics from my photog up!

Feel free to use, but if you could just link back to my flikr tha'd be great ^^

Awesome pics ^_^

I just noticed that all the Shippuden Sasukes were pretty much the same height :p

lol truths!

Soooooooo, BrightHeart76! Are you planning on returning to Fanime for 2012? I will gladly let you go back to organizing xD I had a great time and things went swimmingly, but I'm a worrier and stressed myself out more than I needed to lol. But then again, it was my first time with this size of a gathering so next year may be easy for me. Just let me know!

Probably not.  I think our plans are to go to Disneyland again next Memorial Day.  You did a great job and you should be very proud!  It is stessful, but the end result is worth it.  I'm always here to help with any organizational stuff you need...I am the queen of OCD planning.  Looks like you guys had a blast this year.   ;D
Have a great time guys!  I'll miss seeing you all this year!  Can't wait to see pictures of all of your awesome cosplays!   ;D
If it doesn't happen this year you should totally try for next year.  I would absolutely be into a Dr. Who cosplay.   :D
The San Jose Hilton has been going thru a big remodel for a couple of years.  I don't know if the pool being closed has anything to do with Fanime, they may just be upgrading the pool. 
::quietly sneaks into the room to go unnoticed::

Psst...has any looked at the musical guest for this year?  It just got announced and is once again exciting for the Naruto crowd.   ;D  I'm very mad that'll I'll miss them.

::sneaks quietly back out of the room while humming Sign::
Hi guys.  I've been staying quiet, but I had to share this with you all.  One of the popular local nightclub / bars has special theme every night.  Their new Tuesday night theme is you get 50% off if you dress as your favorite ninja.  I laugh everytime I hear that commercial.  I"m tempted to break out the Tsunade cosplay and head down just for a laugh.  The only good excuse for cosplay in Reno!  lol.

Have fun you guys!  I'll miss seeing you all this year!
Hotel and Facilities / Re: $50 Hilton fee?
January 26, 2011, 10:59:23 PM
One of the housekeepers at the Hilton last year was talking to me while she picked up my room.  She said that the room next door to me was so bad it would take two maids to clean it.  I have never been charged for my room being too dirty, but I have heard horror stories.  Try talking to the housekeeping staff while you are there, they are actually very friendly.  Photo's are good to have if you're worried.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotel age question?
January 15, 2011, 09:18:37 AM
You can always call the hotel to see what their policy is.
I got a new cat today.  Her name is Cali (name subject to change). 
391. Chrono Crusade
412.  Fushigi Yuugi
OK guys, here's the deal.  I doubt that I'll be at Fanime this year.  I have some other obligations and Fanime may not be in the cards this year.  

I WAS trying to find a way to keep organizing this gathering, and hopefully make it for just this gathering.  However, somethings have been said and I find myself in a position I have never been in before.  Instead of looking forward to this gathering I am dreading dealing with some of the drama that would come with it this year.  That's not fair to me, or to any of you.

I think you guys are awesome.  Organizing this gathering for the last few years has been an amazing experience.  You are honestly a fantastic group of cosplayers and some of the coolest people I know.  None of you are the reason I've chosen to bow out.  You are, infact, the reason it is so hard to bow out.  I am amazed by you all and humbled to have had the opportunity to work with such great people.

That being said I will now lock this thread and step aside for someone else to organize this gathering.  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance from afar.  If the new organizer would like to PM me a link to the new thread once it has been approved I will happily change this post to include a link to the new thread for 2011.  

I may not be with you at Fanime this year, but rest assured I will be thinking of you all.

Thank you for several wonderful years.  You guys really are the best.

Be good to each other.  Keep it positive.  And I have to end on this note.... BELIEVE IT!    ;)

The new gathering can be found at,15141.0.html

ICosplayNeji is the new organizer.  I'm sure you guys will have a great year!  HAVE FUN!
Hey guys.  Just popping in to say "hi".
LOL.  I passed crazy a few weeks back and have been steadily working towards absolute insanity with a side of loopy.  Changed jobs half way thru summer, still in the middle of training for one job, I wound up training to back up another job, then the office manager quit and somehow I'm taking on half of her duties too.  GACK!  This too shall pass, I suppose.  Until then...yeah I'm totally over run. 

That is why I haven't been updating by the way, incase anyone was curious I just haven't had the time.  I will get updates done soon.  Scouts honor.

I found a big group of cosplayers at my local mall today.  I almost went up to say hi, but chickened out.  Do you guys cosplay at random places?  I wish I had the nerve.  Please share your stories of random acts of cosplay.  :D
Quote from: Shinigami_Lover on August 24, 2010, 10:42:09 PM
I have also lost 10 ten pounds

Congratulations!  I'm working on losing weight too.   ;D
hmm...I just tried to post here and something went wonky.  Anyone else having problems like that?

So with August more than half over how is summer treating you all?  Are you having fun?  Anything good going on?  Myself, it's been a pretty quiet summer.  Nothing terrible, but nothing supper fun either. lol.  Every day I drive past the local water park on my way to work and all I can think is that I wish I could blow off work and go play in the water for a few hours.  lol. 
Naruto Gathering is my favorite every year (I wonder why?). 

2009 - I was lucky enough to have my sister and my best friend with me for this, something that rarely happens since my best friend lives in Missouri.  We had over 100 cosplayers and the atmosphere was great.  After the gathering we had our first ever Naruto Picnic.  Just a few of us really, but it was FUN.  Good people, fun times and some silly pictures.

2010 - What can I say about 2010 except for "WOW!" what a year.  We had something going on every day of Fanime.  My favorite part though was not the regular gathering or the FLOW meet up or even the picnic or checkers or the breakfast...good gravy we were busy this year.  No, my favorite part was the 10 pm Friday night "meet up and see who your fellow fans are" meeting.  It was SPECTACULAR!  I expected 4 or 5 people...oh no we had 20+ fans, some in cosplay some just hanging out.  It was an hour of fun, relaxed, all out silly good times.  I hope we get to do it again in 2011!
Things in the Universe / Re: Dreams
August 22, 2010, 10:19:03 AM
I had a 14 hours work day that ended poorly the other day.  I came home and had a terrible nightmare that seemed to go on all night.

I was at my old job at the elementary school.  All of the staff and students were on the playground when a group of kindergarten boys ran across the playground and tried to run thru the swings.  There was a terrible scuffle and 3 kids where hurt.  Two of the kids where crying (normal playground accident behavior) but one kid was laying in a loose fetal position and completely silent. 

I remember thinking "The first rule of playground triage.  Worry less about the kid who's crying that the one who's not".  The logic here is a kid being silent after an accident is not normal and usually a sign of shock.  The rest of the staff ran to the crying kids and I ran to the quiet one.  I got to him and realized his eyes were wide open and fixed, his muscles were locked so tight he was trembling and there was a puddle of blood forming under his temple.  I screamed for help.  The principal came over and said "Oh!  The temple..that's a bad injury"  then she promised to call an ambulance and walked into the school to call.

I sat alone on the playground with this kid for what felt like hours, just rubbing his back and saying "it'll be ok" over and over.  He never responded or moved, just layed there with his eyes wide open and fixed on nothing. 

Suddenly his muscles relaxed and I knew he was dead.  I was disturbed enough by the dream now that I was starting to wake up, so I tried to change it, let the kid live.  Everytime I'd make something happen to fix this kid dying it would go right back and this poor little boy would be laying at my feet dead, with his eyes wide open. 

The weird part is I rarely dream in picture, this was all very visual down to the color of the kids eyes, his hair style and clothes.  I never dream of people I don't know, I have never met this kid never seen anyone who looked like him. 

This dream stuck with me for days, really disturbed me.