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Registration / single day price
May 05, 2009, 08:01:02 PM
Hi does anyone know how much its going to be this year for single day passes? (more likly for a saturday) i remember when i had gone in 2006 i had to pay 30 has it gone up or down since then?
lamest post yet I think but I dont care! muhahaha! so I'm attending the Black and white Ball with my friend (chick) who yes I love to death but you know its not always fun slow dancing with a chick-friend when your super single and its your first formal dance, So! Is there anyone who wouldnt mind dancing with the fluffy girl that didnt make it to her prom?? lol anyone!?
Registration / about registration and check in
March 09, 2009, 12:37:13 AM
Hi im arriving late friday (sometime after 4) can i check in to the con the next day if im a pre registered? or do i have to check in on friday?
Hey im looking for a fellow fanime con goer who's going as howl, im going as the grandma verison of Sophie Hatter and Id really like a photo with a howl, anyone (or several someones) going as howl?