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Will be going as Renko Usami. Anyone going as Mary?
I wouldn't mind Old Spaghetti Factory. Had some at Sac-Anime and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Reprising my Reimu cosplay from last year. If it's Saturday, please not before 1-2 PM, as I have commencement at SJSU from 9 AM to 12 PM.
Also! I met a Yuuka Kazami cosplayer at the Touhou gathering and Persona gatherings on Saturday, who I also saw last year while I was cosplaying as Wriggle. She and her friends (one of which was cosplaying a Shadow at the daytime Persona gathering) seem pretty chill and worth talking too, as we were at Hydration after the day gathering talking about various SMT games (not just Persona).

To her: If you see this, gimme a shoutout~ I could use more friends who are into the Shin Megami Tensei series as a whole :D
Hello~ This is who I was cosplaying each day. If anyone has photos of me (however, see note under Day 3), please let me know!

Day 0 (Thursday) and 1 (Friday)
Mirai Nikki - Yukiteru Amano

Day 2 (Saturday) and 4 (Monday)
Persona 3 - Male protagonist / Minato Arisato / Kitarou

Day 3 (Sunday) and early Day 2:
Touhou - Reimu Hakurei
(Caution: my hairbow was stupidly crooked at times, sometimes at an almost-90-degree angle, please don't send me photos with my bow visibly like that. =/)
Looking for the folks who watched or participated in the Touhou Sky Arena tournament. I definitely had fun joking around with you folks (which included flipping you off any time you mentioned armpits ;) )
I'm gonna be missing half a day at least, assuming I graduate from SJSU next year. :(
I was thinking about holding a get-together for friends I met at Fanime next weekend or after, but finances (and the tendancy for social outings I host to fail) and the fact that I barely made any new friends kinda gives me second thoughts about that.
I was one of the default Lens. Pics are now mirrored on Flickr:

Feel free to hit me up on Facebook if you saw me.
Hello! I'm 1/3 of the hosts of STG 101.

So we had our panel on Friday as planned, and were able to fill a little under half of the seating capacity. We got a lot of positive feedback about the panel, especially on the montage of JohtoKen getting owned at various non-danmaku games, as well as having a couple members of the audience give Crimzon Clover a shot.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get someone to record the panel! :(

But anyways, thank you all to came out to the panel! We hope we got some of you into trying shmups, or at least piqued your curiosities!

To those who wanted to but couldn't, or want to see the panel again: We will be hosting a "lite" version of this panel at Kin-Yoobi Con in Hayward this coming August ( Once we get a confirmed timeslot, I'll make an update in this post. If you have equipment for 1 hour of video recording, please record for us!

With that said, to those who did attend, what were your thoughts on our panel? Some questions you could answer:
- If you have not played shmups before, did we get you considering trying them out?
- What do you think we could've done to more effectively present our points? What did you think was outstanding?
- For those who are veterans at shmups, any details or games we should've covered? Any fact-checking we need to do? (I know we erroneously refered to DoDonPachi as the first game with a 2nd loop, for instance.)
Thursday: Len Kagamine, Perfect Crime version (Vocaloid) / ~4 PM - 11 PM
- You may have seen PC Len with a Race Queen Miku; that's me.
Friday: Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) / 9 AM - 2:30 PM, Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney) / 3 PM - 4 PM, Len Kagamine, default ver. (Vocaloid) / 5 PM - 1 AM
- Sebastian was walking around with a Kuro Musical Grell, ONLY Apollo at AA gathering, Len was missing the mic from his headset and was one of the co-hosts for STG 101: Intro to Shoot-Em-Ups.
Saturday: Souji Seta, summer uniform (Persona 4) / 11 AM - 1 AM
- Was at both SMT/Persona gatherings.
Sunday: Wriggle Nightbug (Touhou) / 10 AM - 2:40 PM, Sebastian / 3 PM - 1:30 AM
- Wriggle at Touhou gathering (the tall and male one)
Monday: Wriggle / 11 AM - 5 PM
Hey everyone. I was cosplaying summer!Souji at both gatherings.

What exactly happened with the midnight one? It got broken up about 20~30 minutes in by Rovers D: Needless to say, no one ate dinner that night.

Anyways, photos are up here (Flickr mirror coming soon). Also I don't know anyone from either gathering D: Anyone wanna help fix that?
Going as default Len! Or this version since I'm rather tall (5'10") to be doing default Len, haha.
Quote from: AirEric on October 03, 2010, 11:14:55 PM
I;m sorry I don't know how to make Naoto's hat :/

I'll put you down under the Persona MC, because you said it's more likely, if that changes though let me know~
Well if someone else else wants to do Minato, I'll probably just do DeSu's MC, so we can have more diversity. (Plus DeSu is terribly under-represented at cons.  :( )
I'm planning on going as Devil Survivor's main character. Either that or Persona 3's main character. Most likely the latter.
Gaming / Re: Any Mother/Earthbound fans here?
August 25, 2010, 08:07:27 PM
I've finished Mother 3.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Even if I was a Blizzard fan I wouldn't go to BlizzCon. For the price of going to that once, I could register for 3 years of Fanime, or for Sakura-Con, Fanime, and AX for one year. :P
I wonder if I can have my own 360 setup (or at least bring my own games) at Kin-Youbi Con? Seeing as their gaming room was like 90% fighters and 10% rhythm games last year, I wanna throw some shmups into the mix.
I'll have to skimp out on Saturday, as it's my parents' anniversary. Down for Sunday though.