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would like to do a Fate Stay Night: Unlimited codes Tournament since it still has a strong cult following to for this game but would like to get more then 32+ to 64+ if we can get that for this tournament if people are interested in entering it would be nice. :)
would like to do a Melty blood Actress Again Tournament since it still has a strong cult following to for this game but would like to get more then 32+ to 64+ if we can get that for this tournament if people are interested in entering it would be nice. :)
What Japanese 360 games would would u like to see at fanime 2010?

name the games and we can see what we can bring to the con for  use.
How many of u guys use foursquare on your cell phone when going to your favorite places to meet up like at fanime. it is a great site or app for your cell. here is a link.
i use it with my friends and it is nice to know where people are at and also know what good food places people recommend to.
also pretty cool someone added fanime con as a hang out place!

These are the list of Games we are deciding on using for are Tournaments for this year.
what top 5 games as u as the fans would like to play for a tournament and when a nice prize we will be offering for this year.

These are some of the games we plan to do this year for fanime 2009.
Depends also on Release dates also for Some!
pc-gaming & E-gaming. Feed back is always liked.

Other games may follow!

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes  Wii
King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match                   PS2
Soul Caliber IV                                                  PS3
Street Fighter 3RD Strike                                    PS2
Street Fighter 4                                                PS3
Left 4 Dead                                                      PC/360
Resistance 2                                                     PS3
Halo 3                                                              360
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2                                        PS2
Naruto Storm                                                     PS3
Beatmania II DX                                                  PS2
Dance Dance Revolution                                       PS2 or PS1
Pop n Music                                                       PS2
Guitar Hero World Tour                                        PS3 OR 360
Rockband 2                                                       PS3 OR 360
Bleach Blade Battle 2                                          PS2
Guilty Gear XX AC                                               PS2
blazblue                                                            PS3
Tekken 5 DR                                                      PS3
Capcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001              PS2
Smash Brothers Brawl                                          WII
Fate/Unlimited Codes                                          PS2
Melty Blood                                                       PS2 or PC
Soul Eater: Battle Resonance                                PS2
Counter Strike                                                    PC
TF2                                                                  PC

Well we are setting up a smaller version of e-gaming for yaoi con.. We hope u like it.. we are only having console games there.
we will be having ddr, rockband, pop n music, melty blood, brawl, and many other games for your gaming plessure...more or less lol.

Tournaments are TBA right now.

See ya there.

Ideas and Suggestions / Fanime PodCast
August 10, 2008, 11:13:26 PM
I think would should have are own podcast.There are a few anime convention that are doing it would be a great think for fanime to do keep fans informed and also new stuff and events also plus other Random stuff in the anime and game world to talk about on PodCast.

would be nice to here people's Feedback about it.
Gaming / RockBand 1 & 2 Open mic
July 22, 2008, 11:42:51 AM
Need FeedBack  For Fanime 2009 if u guys & girls enjoys it!

I hope u did cause we are all happy we Set it Up! :P

Need Feedback for a Better Rockband Session!

What did U think of Open Mic @ Fanime 2008?

Would u want it to be back For Fanime 09?

What do u think of the idea of Doing a Battle of the bands for RockBand and u have to have a Group of 4 Members to Enter it?

How Many hours would u like it to run Also For Open Mic?

Be nice to get this for Fanime 09

this is pic & info about the Arcade.
songs that will be on it also.
More info on DDR X
This mix will be soo sweet even i am so happy about it and can't wait to give it a try.


New Machine Design NEWDDR Revealed
Large widescreen monitor , satellite light units and "grade up" (i.e. higher quality) speaker system will be used.

LINK function included! Giving POWERUPDDR
LINK function as standard inclusion.
The to be released PS2 version of DDR X will give players to create original sequences. Using USB memory, they would be allowed to use them in the arcade.
Also, on the e-AMUSEMENT side, excellent player original sequences will be published around the whole nation and INTERNET RANKING will occur.

Many new functions and progression EVOLUTIONDDR is here!!
New sequence "shock arrow" is included.
This is a new gimmick where you cannot step on the foot panel.
Step's variations will be intensified.
Also, in COURSEMODE there is DANCE DRILL COURSE with 10 ranks.

Old great DDR and newest DDR merges!
Strongest previous songs will be added for SPECIALDDR.
Well known licenses, catchy originals totalling 60 songs or above will be included.
In future DDRs, there will be 1.5 times more new songs in volume.

Player section expanded for COMMUNICATIONDDR
Players that have never played DDR can join in using the WELCOME SYSTEM that is included.
Players using the e-AMUSEMENT system can use the FRIEND REGISTRATION FUNCTION that is included.

10 footer scale expanded to 13 footer scale.
Shock arrows look like lightning arrows. (These are mines)

1. Every SuperNOVA2 (PS2) (Japan) exclusive song is in the game. (ミーヤ)
2. Series categories have been revived. (ミーヤ)
3. EXPERT songs and under, level 1-10 in yellow, 11+ in red. (ミーヤ)
4. UP/DOWN buttons added. (2ch)
5. FINAL STAGE EXCLUSIVE: SABER WING / TAG (4/8/10/13/-) (ミーヤ) (Notes: TAG is a GF&DM artist and does has done stepcharts on previous DDRs)
6. Fascination MAXX SINGLE EXPERT = Level 17 (2ch)
7. Pluto Relinquish SINGLE EXPERT = Level 17 (2ch)
8. Shock arrows cause combo breaks and life damage. (2ch)
9. A bunch of old songs use generic videos. (2ch)
10. Old licenses and deletions not seen yet. (2ch)
11. Dance Celebration / Bill Hamel feat.kevens / BPM 130 (2/4/8/11) (5/7/10)
12. Dance Floor / neuras feat.Yurai / BPM 120 (2/5/6/9) (-/-/-)
13. Flourish / sonic-coll. feat. frances maya / BPM 152 (2/5/8/10) (-/-/-)
14. Inspiration / DKC Crew / BPM 147 (2/5/7/9) (-/-/-)
15. Party Lights / Tommie Sunshine / BPM 130 (2/4/6/10) (4/6/9)
16. Taj He Spitz / DKC Crew / BPM 107 (2/4/7/10) (-/-/-)
17. Tracers (4Beat Remix) / Ruffage&Size / BPM 140 (2/5/7/10) (-/-/-)
18. SAGA / Veeton / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
19. The flower in your smile / TACOS NAOMI feat.小久保裕之 / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
20. TimeHollow / Masanori Akita / BPM / (-/-/-/-) (-/-/-)
21. FINAL STAGE ONLY: SABER WING / TAG (4/8/10/13) (8/10/12)
22. Slip Out / Harmony machine / BPM 95 / (1/3/6/9) (-/-/-)
23. EXTRA STAGE: On The Break / Darwin / BPM / (-/-/-/13) (-/-/-)
24. Fight of the phoenix / Jena Rose [SHOCK ARROWS] / BPM 145 / (-/-/-/7) (-/-/6)
25. Max 300 SINGLE EXPERT is rated a 15
26. The Legend of MAX SINGLE EXPERT is rated a 15
27.dazzle / kobo feat. kr:ague BPM? SP1/4/7/10 DP-/-/-
28.Malacca / nc ft NRG factory BPM? SP-/-/-/- DP-/-/-
29. bag SINGLE EXPERT is rated 14
31. Ticket To Bombay/Jena Rose BPM? SP2/5/7/10 DP-/-/-/
What is your Favorite game and Tournament game also For BeatMania II DX!
u can vote twice.
Arcades Suggestions-Feedback thread for 2008 & changes for 2009 to make better.

what new arcades would u like to see for arcade 2009
or arcades they should bring back cause there alot of fun.


it sucked they had no pop n music Fever Until monday.

E-Gaming 2008 Feedback...Possitive and negitive please..what would u like to see again for 2009 or change for 2009..


what new idea's would u like to see happen next year 2009 or bring back or change it abit..

what did u like or dislike about the room.

Again e-gaming was pretty good this year i felt.

Gaming / PC-Gaming..will not happen this year!
April 04, 2008, 11:11:15 AM
Fanime 2008 will not have PC gaming for this year.
but we are working on finding a solution for next year to bring it back.For next year.
all the pc's for last year where all staff pc's we where using last let u know.

Gaming / Blazblue : Calamity Trigger
April 03, 2008, 11:46:13 AM
this game would be nice to get on the PS3 or arcade for fanime.
has any one seen this game or played it?
what u think of this new game.

here is the link for a promo vid of the game.

the webpage for the game.
Gaming / Tournament page sign up's
April 01, 2008, 01:56:16 AM
This list will be used for what games u  want to enter yourself in what tournaments...

put your full name down and the game u want to play and E-mail me @ [email protected]

so i can add u to the list or sign up at the con on Friday!
What i am looking for in a answear is..

What game would u like to see other people play or u even in a epic battle against one another.

Systems would be like for example: Nes,Snes,Turbofx 16,Sega, Sega Saturn,Atari,Dreamcast,Virtual Boy,Nintendo 64,playstation,etc etc

Like games like raiden,R-Type,Double dragon,tetris,Battle toads,Pazzle fighter,Super mario Brothers 3,Ninja Gaiden,Friday the 13th...etc

name the games and let me know on your comments.

this is a example list of what i would kind of like out of this survey!
make up your own.

*1st Preliminary
-Guitar Hero Legends [XBOX 360]
+Selection of five songs on HARD difficulty
+Winner decided purely on score

-Super Smash Bros. BRAWL [Nintendo Wii]
+Best out of 3 rounds plus final elimination round

-Goldeneye [Nintendo 64]
+10-minute matches where a winner is decided

-Mortal Kombat II [Sega Genesis]
+Best of 3 rounds

-Puzzle Fighter II [Sega Saturn]
+Best of 3 rounds

-Battletoads [NES/Famicom]
+Furthest level approached after 3 lives

Final Game -----> TBA`
Gaming / Tornament games for 2008 feedback
August 01, 2007, 04:44:44 PM
Out of these games! What games would u being willing to play if we had a tornament with them?

Naruto 4 tornament
Taiko no Tatsujin tornament
guity gear acent core tornament
smash brother's or brawl tornament
Halo 3 tornament
Beatmania II DX Distorted tornament
Marvel VS. Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes tornament
Street Fighters III 3rd Strike tornament
Soal Calibur 4 tornament
Tekken 5 tornament
Capcom VS. SNK 2
The King of Fighters Regulation A
Bleach Koukon Ni Mamieru Shinigam
Bleach blade Battle
Gaming / Taiko no Tatsujin -AKA- Taiko Drum Master
July 31, 2007, 12:10:01 PM
What where your thoughts about the game?

Did u like playing it in Fanime 06?

Would u like to see it back in fanime 08?

Well i heard alot of fans asking for the game last year and was thinking about bringing it back this year. Just want to see some comments about the game.
well i was wondering was there any idea's what u liked about the room or like to be changed or added back to the room we had in the past E-gaming fanime years!

Did u liked the idea of hand held gameing or did u not like it in the room?

well give me your opion's and see what we can do to make fanime 08 alot of fun!
Here are some titles to choose from...let me know the one's u like the most!


Verion or year or for what console to!
Hi All

I am the New Head of the E-Gaming Department. I am looking for New Staff willing to work E-gaming for 2008.

The Department includes Pc Gaming and Concole Gaming...

Looking for new people.

message me back if your interested it Staffing E-gaming!
The Systems i Would Like to bring for the Old Schooler Gamers Out there.


Atari 2600,Atari Jaguar

Nintendo,Super Nintendo,Nintendo 64

Sega Genesis,Sega Saturn,Dreamcast, SegaCD,Sega 32x



What  Games Do U guys Like That Play The OLD School stuff still would like to see AT FANIME 2008.

IMPORT OR DOMESTIC...NAME them off and i will see what i can bring!
Pc games we might run if there out by then for fanime 08!

what would u gamer's like to play the most?