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Also re: badges/registration, what's the merit of having personalized badges?
When I went to WonderCon in 2011, the process was very streamlined since the only distinction was by badge type and there wasn't any actual registration - I'm wondering if that'd be beneficial for Fanime.

I totally agree with this suggestion - having just a plain badge (no 'personal' or 'fan' name or even badge #) would reduce the long lines, the constant problem of losing someone's badge, or having to print out and bring the verification letter/post card - You could still have a nice design and the date/year on the badge, but it would still be a generic style for a 3-day pass  or a 1-day pass.

I also think it's time for the organizers to hire some professional event coordinators to help them with next year's convention - the pros can certainly guide the staff with much better strategy on how to be better organized AND help train the 'volunteers' (aka the younger folks) - teach them to be more responsible and attentive to the attendees and not spend time on their smartphones or talking to their friends when a fan is asking a question or needs help - you gotta be responsible, volunteers, and realize this is a type of job training for the 'real world' when you actually get paid to work - No excuse for you to NOT know what's going on at Fanime - no  more "I don't know" or "go ask that guy" responses -- You are representing the Fanime family, so show some good work ethics and do your best - and don't volunteer just to get a free badge or free hotel room!!
Please let us know when the event schedule will be posted (so that some of us can download and print out a hard copy)
OK - i've been asked by friends to be the "Group Leader" to get their badges (because they just refuse to get a PayPal account) - so, i'm already registered, what's the next step to add folks to my Fanime account?  (please don't laugh, I just don't want to mess this up!)  THANKS!!!
Just something to consider for next year or so...  I'd like to suggest having an "Adult Swapmeet" during  "Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri" nights.

Proof of age would already be checked before allowing guests into the adult anime rooms, and the sellers could then display their adult wares without having to worry about checking IDs of under-age buyers.

In the general Swapmeet areas, it's very crowded with folks are trying to score great deals; and the poor sellers are trying to keep an eye on their general wares ontop of making sure their Adult stash is not being viewed or purchased by the under 18 fans.

I'm sure a lot of Swapmeet sellers would love to unload their Hentai collection, and not have to worry about losing their stuff to Security, getting kicked out of Fanime, or being arrested for selling adult material to minors.

Again, it's just a suggestion to consider for next year's Fanime and beyond.  Thanks!!