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Hey everyone! I will be hosting a Bethesda Gathering, date and time TBD.

Anyone from any of the Fallouts, Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Doom, Etc.

If you want to come, please let me know what character from what game.

Here is the list of people planning to attend so far:

Dominique de Leon, Doom Girl (DOOM 2016)
Zachary Fish, Doom Guy (DOOM 2016)
Tora, The Keeper (Evil Within)
Hino, Ruvik/Ruben Victoriano (Evil Within)
Jackie, Shade (Evil Within)
Coli Edwards, Miraak (Skyrim)
Hey guys! So I noticed there's no Borderlands gathering yet. THATS A PROBLEM!

Im planning to do it on Sunday. I'm hosting a cellshading panel that morning so I figured we could do it after that.

Time Sunday 12-1? Subject to change
Meeting place? Same as last year by the big glass window (subject to change)

Right now we have the Following cosplayers coming. Please let me know if you are Planning to come and what chracter you are cosplaying as!

Yvonne-Patricia tannis