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I will be there!

I'll bring my latin shoes and pants.
Thanks. I'll try to make it over. Where will it be, exactly? Will you guys be up past midnight? I'm djing and staffing over at the (other) dance and want to head over to this.

Big Event Showcase / Experienced Ballroom social?
May 23, 2013, 11:12:45 PM
Hey Fanime,

I remember hearing last year that there was a ballroom dance event for veteran/more experienced ballroom dancers. I didn't see anything listed in the schedule this year-- is this still on for 2013?

I'm looking to practice some Latin and rythmn -- hopefully with some out of towners in a social setting.

Anyone know what's up?

Instead of daft punk only, maybe this year I'll only play remixes of PSY. Oh yeah, 45+ minutes of Gangnam Style.
Quote from: Freedom Op666 on May 22, 2012, 07:49:21 AM
I would love it if you would play anything from DJ Sharpnel! Especially from the Sharpnel Sound Collection and Abunai Bassline albums.

DJ PreyX should have you covered with those.
Quote from: dovekiie on May 16, 2012, 03:02:20 AM
long list warning.

booty swing - parov stelar
W.A.R. - dj pablo []
beat drop - simon curtis
black rose -theriotz ft. xanexx
cakestep (dirty portal dubstep) - McShane139 []
clap your hands - 2NE1
the device has been modified - victims of science
dirty minds think alike - here come the mummies
disco pogo - frauenarzt & manny marc
the dj is mind - wonder girls
dont stop the music - 2NE1
edge of dreams - current value ft. snow
MASHUP: Durarara!! VS. Jay-Z / Sleigh Bells - nakinyko []
everybody talks - neon trees
fly like a g6 bitch - WTA JRK []
genie - snsd
give a little more - maroon 5
Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix) - metric []
good feeling -flo rida
i go crazy because of you - t-ara
i like it loud - myah marie
i know you want me (calle ocho) - pitbull
i say fever - ramona falls
jap - abingdon boys school
je veux te voir - yelle
jungle dancing - Enzo Siffredi & Jfth ft. The All Stars
king of the dancehall - beenie man
americano - lady gaga
lion's roar - the hush sound
loca - shakira
love struck - v factory
low - flo rida ft t-pain
Make You Bleed (Assassins Creed 2 Rap) - TEAMHEADKICK
maraca - mohombi
mr.saxobeat - alexandra stan
Mukei Spirit  MUGEN LOOP REMIX  - Kou Shibasaki []
nu abo - fx
Nyan Cat (Alex S. Dubstep Remix) - DJAelxs []
obsessed - BoA
ode to the bouncer - studio killers
only time is tonight 2011 - dj earworm
Pandashka【Panda Hero & Matryoshka Mashup】 - triforodawn  []
paralyzer - finger eleven
pop culture (live mashup) - madeon []
ringleader - brittney spears
somebody told me - the killers
steppin razor - kraddy
sun goes down - david jordan
super psycho love - simon curtis
supermassive black hole - muse
sweaty (shazam remix) - muscles
target lost (PORTAL TURRET REMIX) - willbedfordmusic []
Theme for Scanty and Kneesocks - panty and stocking OST
turn me on -nicki minaj
united states of pop 2009 (blame it on the pop) -dj earworm
united states of pop 2011 (world go boom) - dj earworm
violet hill - pendulum
blood sugar - pendulum
the way i are - timbaland vs nephew []
we found love - rihana
we no speak americano - yolanda be cool
when i grow up - mayday parade
activate my heart - natalia kills
abracadabra - brown eyed girls
beautiful lies - B-complex
gimmie that - DJAelxs[]
i want your bite - chris crocker
i am not a whore - lmfao
i like your booty but im not gay - insaneoflex
S&M - rihana
take me on the floor - the veronicas
inside of you - hoobastank
starships - nicki minaj

tried to keep more explicit things towards the bottom.

the dj peterlo sets will definitely play these -- but maybe not the earworm medleys since they're less good for dancing.
If possible, bring this game for 2012.
Well, maybe if we can get all the dub-step bro's in one room for the dub-step section of the programming it'll be a little less awkward. We're giving dubstep a chance this year because so many people ask for it.
As the title indicates, I'm looking for anime on Netflix that isn't dubbed. Once you've heard Japanese voice acting, English voice acting and script-altering becomes cringe-worthy. Maybe I've had a little too much of the forbidden fruit? Haha.

Anyway, I love crunchyroll but I'm sort of running low on new titles that appeal to me. I happen to have Netflix so I'm wondering if any of the titles on Netflix come in native Japanese dubbing with english subtitles.
I found it. After years of research involving multicolored bubbling beakers, charts, graphs, and a lot of people in white lab coats we have arrived at our answer. Behold:

So, next time someone drops some dubstep you know what to do.
Apparently, Tiesto is against Glowsticks because he isn't a fan of the drug use associated with their presence.
Quote from: demonchildling on December 03, 2011, 09:41:40 PM
It had to have been either Saturday or Sunday night, but right in the middle of the normal Fanime rave music, the DJ began to spin Kpop into there. And my friends and I just went wild. I'm talking about screaming at the top of our lungs, jumping around like we were high, and crying tears of joy type of wild. Because honestly, that mix was so easy to dance to, plus we were already familiar with the music so we followed along with moves from the music videos. I distinctly remember hearing After School and Kara in that mix. So thank you very much, DJ Peter Lo, or whoever that awesome person was. That mix made the dance one of the most memorable moments of the con.

Yup that was me. Thanks for the comment! It is greatly appreciated, knowing that the peoples are happy makes me happy. Before I went on that night you heard Stormy Rayner who played trance. MOAR KPOP FOR 2012. Also, will you be attending kpopcon this weekend?
General Anime Chat / Re: Winter 2012 anime lineup.
January 25, 2012, 11:29:41 PM
Presently watching a few of these on crunchyroll. A lot of them I have not seen before (this is a good thing!) I like using the anime watching rooms as a method of discovery.

Not that it isn't already included in the current lineup (I wouldn't know as I'm not completely familiar with all of these titles) but I feel like there should be an effort to show less popular but critically acclaimed anime titles. FanimeCon is, for me, the only occasion I have each year to view anime in a theater-like setting. I like to convince myself that I'll be enjoying a work of art valued by otaku. :3

What's up FanimeCon,

I plan on presenting a fairly comprehensive, in-depth, panel on Kpop for the 2012 FanimeCon. I plan to speak on: the variety of images we see in Kpop, the Kpop business model, grassroots fandom, as well as the anticipated future development of Kpop. I plan on covering these topics over the course of two-hours (yes, that long) accompanied with power point and audience interaction.

I'm looking for someone who would enjoys intellectually dissecting the hallyu-wave, and to provide a counter-point to my own perspective.

Anyone interested? :3
Live Programming and Events / Re: Dubstep at the dance?
December 23, 2011, 10:07:46 PM
Quote from: bebop on October 19, 2011, 09:17:42 PM
And DubStep will do well at Fanime Dance 2012 if it has some playing time. It would be great if there were around 2-4 DubStep tracks playing each night/liveset.

I definitely played 2 dubstep tracks per set... maybe you weren't there? :p Hehe, though I didn't do it in the outline that you suggested. I agree with your dubstep placement in the order of genres. I hadn't thought of it before and what you've outlined is a pretty natural evolution. Skrillex, the former punk rocker who really pioneered the genre, was known for dropping the dubstep wobbles after a progressive build up. Makes sense. :3

But yeah. My nights usually went like this:
*girls dancing to snsd*
Bro: "yo, can you play something better... like some dubstep..?"
*Wobbles drop*
*Boys and girls slowly stop dancing to the rythmn they were at*
Boys and girls:"... ?!"
*Bro stands and talks with fellow bro-sephs in corner of danceroom*


But, maybe if we have a very clearly publicized dubstep program in the dance the dubstep crowd could rally behind it and show us what it's about. I know there's some very talented dubstep dj's scratchin' to be in the roster too. If it happened, the dubstep crowd really needs to show up, though. I think we're down to give it a shot, but it should prove itself.

General Anime Chat / Re: Your favorite Anime Villains
September 05, 2011, 08:06:04 PM
oh man-- I may have to watch some of these animes for the characters you guys have introduced. Try to include pictures if you can!

I'm still oggling Chief Guard Makina >_>

General Anime Chat / Re: Your favorite Anime Villains
September 02, 2011, 12:04:05 AM
Haha! These are some really great replies. Keep them coming!
Live Programming and Events / Re: Dances at other Cons
August 31, 2011, 03:53:43 AM
Just chiming-in because I couldn't help myself.

But, you can rest assured, lycheejelly, that I am doing everything in my power to bring go-go dancers to the Fanime dance for next year.

Hello everyone. :3

I motion to have signs to indicate the differences for the different kinds of registration lines at Fanime. While the status quo may already be abundantly clear to most of you, please read the following story to illustrate my point:

This past year at Fanime Con, my girlfriend purchased a pre-registration ticket. Unable to attend the convention until Saturday, she arrived around noon to pick-up her badge. Having never been to fanime before, she saw a long line, at the front convention hallway, and asked other attendees if this line was for registration. They said it was, and upon hearing this, she then proceeded to wait in the line. For three hours. In an effort to be a good boy-friend, and because I already held my staff badge, I waited in line with her to keep her company during the long wait. I was shouted at by the registration management for taking up the unnecessary space of one-person in the line, and was forced to wait outside of the line for her. After the long wait in line, she went to the computers to pick-up her badge only to be informed that she waited in the wrong registration line. Upon request, the volunteers at the computer-purchase terminal did not provide any help in locating the pre-registration badge pickup. I had to ask other staff to find the answer.

What happened to her was rather tragic, and almost completely ruined the Fanimecon experience for her. She cried for another half hour after the line, so we couldn't enjoy Fanime until much later than anticipated. I understand that volunteers, are, volunteers-- so perhaps our experience with the volunteers can't be helped. But the entire debacle could have been avoided had official sign-age been posted.

I understand that the hotels and convention center have their own rules and policy for what Fanime Con can and cannot do. One of these policies may have been a zero-tolerance policy for signs in the long hall on the first floor of the convention center. If such a policy exists, I strongly urge those in charge of registration to find an alternative other than a sign to indicate which registration line is for which. It may very well be worth it to have a volunteer holding a sign or indicating at the end of each line what the line is precisely for.

I hope this post is received well, and I bring it up in the interest of improving future Fanime Con experiences.