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Fanime is days away.... Who are you going to be cosplaying as????

My list of cosplays are:
Izumi Curtis~FMA ~ 85% done (down to the wig!!! Yeah!!!)
Larva~Vampire Princess Miyu 100% done costume and Prop is 85% (*giggles Yeah I have a cool prop coming this year!!!)

There is also going to be an AC :twisted:  DC Gathering Saturday at Noon.

What about you??
I am currently working on Izumi Curts for Sakura Con and I will definately be bringing her to FANIME!!! So count me in as Izumi and you can add King Yama as Sigu Curtis... Sigu should also be done by Sakura Con, but if things get crazy Sigu will definately be done by Fanime.... Is there a Louis Armstrong??? *LOL I really want to do pics with Sigu and Louis... you can add Alphonse and the photographic memory chick in there also if anyone is cosplaying them.
Ideas and Suggestions / Just thoughts
February 11, 2006, 12:41:59 AM
I enjoyed the "Iron Cosplay" that Anime Overdose05 had on Sunday. It was a good day and held at I believe 12 to 1 pm. I think that it would be a great idea to hold it at least once each day that way more people could participate or watch. As for the Fashion cosplay.... burn in trash...

Chess Cosplay sounds interesting would like to see how it turns out in the end.

Stage Zero... I have been hearing and reading up on this..... right now my only opinion is that it sounds like it has potential for 24 hr chaos. So my vote on this will have to wait till it is narrowed down a whole lot more.

Finally I have a question or maybe it's a comment... just know that I don't mean to offend anyone....

It was "Der Cosplay" because of "Dieter" as the host... If anyone is familiar with the SNL "Dieter" skit then it was appropriatly named when Brian was the MC. Now that he is no longer the MC shouldn't it just be called Fanime's Cosplay Masquerade? Unless someone is going to be a "Dieter"? which would be hard cause brian nailed that performance.

Just wondering cause I keep hearing "Der Cosplay" and Dieter isn't there so... Where is the "Der" coming from...

Like I said I am not trying to offend anyone... just was wondering....
If any one is doing a list this year of gatherings listing days, times, and locations then add

:arrow: AC DC (Anime Corrupted Deviant Cosplayers) Gathering
:arrow: Day:  Saturday
:arrow: Time: TBA (probably afternoon)
:arrow: Meeting Place: Convention Entrance 1st Floor
:arrow: Location: TBA

Though the current 25 members know of this gathering is open to anyone who joins AC DC. For info on group check out my website: There is an AC DC link on the front page.

Thank you and till next post.....
Hey there IY Cospeeps!!! :D

I have the 4mp pics from 05 up. I will have all the 8mp up by Sunday (pending no webhost problems) and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for letting me shoot the gathering. Sorry for the immense delay in posting. I have retired from Cheer Coaching and I am devoting all my time to my business. You patients *giggles and poking LOL was greatly appreciated.  

For those of you that attended the gathering this year I have been printing out Pics from a 5 x 7 to an 8 x 10 off the 8 mp pics. Find me and pic up or let me know which one (s) you want and I will have them for you at Fanime 06. There is no charge, but you must be in the pic (s) that you get. If you go to my website email me with the picture row # and letter of the pic (s). It wouldn't hurt to include the picture # too.

Now... on to new business *LOL
hakudoushi what do you mean you've given up anime and aren't going to attend the IY gathering in 06??? *GASP I know you'll change your mind... I thought I'd throw out some anime I have been recently watching... Burst Angel, Pretear, and Gungrave? Maybe there is something there that might interest you.

any way... Hope all you InuYasha Cospeeps have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year...

my website is there is a link at the bottom of the front page for Fanime.

till next time....
Quote from: "Ska_Kitti"According to some rumors, there's a Der Cosplay meeting on Saturday at noon. If that's true, Alphonse will be late unless I can be a rep for our group or something.

BTW, Alphonse completion= 68%
Wish me luck! I'll need it!

Good Luck!!
When I asked boots01,I was told noon. If your gathering is going to stay @ noon then I will most likely not be able to shoot the gathering *Crys loudly

I SOOOOO want to Shoot this gathering!!! Can it be changed to Saturday @ 11 am?  I'm bringing my new 8 MP to shoot the gathering and I will be selling 24" X 36" (poster size) prints of the gatherings. After all, this is my 1 yr anniversary for photography  :D  Wanted to offer a little something more. (I might just keep a good pic and make a poster for ME!! I luv FMA!!! Oh, and I am doing the free photoshoots at the gatherings, just using the 4 MP for that.

Let me know....
Hey there Hellangel :D

I see that your up on the info about the maditory DerCosplay meeting on Saturday. Let me know if you move your gathering time back a bit.... I know how it goes, had to post about the extended time for the YYH gathering cause  a group of us are doing that YYH skit in dercosplay and the rehersal is Sun. @ 1pm.

Any how, I was just checking to see if you guys had the info, but of course you are on top of it and keeping things on track :)
General Anime Chat / Re: ramen
March 27, 2005, 11:17:49 AM
Quote from: "Spiritsnare"
Quote from: "BSaphire"
Ramen!... It does a FLEX... GOOD!

Seeing as how ramen is it Team Flex's official food? XD
One of them...

and so is Pocky, Girl Scout cookies, Botan Rice candy, Lychee carbonated drink, Litchi Gummy candy, tootie fruities, saltwater taffy, and sushi to name a few
General Anime Chat / Re: ramen
March 26, 2005, 06:37:11 PM
Quote from: "BunofGovt"I prefer the chicken ramen because the flavor blends best with all the stuff I add in (extra veggies, more meat, hot sauce, hot sauce, etc.).  I'll be watching to see how this fits into Fanime.  Unless (can I make a guess?) we're going to have a Naruto marathon of sorts.  I'll be sure to bring my hashi.
:lol: I'd luv to know your guess??!!! I do know that this helps me a little to know what the top flavs are cause of my "Special Events" page on my website *giggle (... makes note to self... oh and find out about Pocky flavs too...*)

But hey... when it comes to Ramen I like the restaurante type!! But free Ramen taste just as good when your really really hungry!! Just make sure it is either Oriental or Chicken.. cause

Ramen!... It does a FLEX... GOOD!
Quote from: "Youko_Kurama"WAHAHAHA! BlondeFLEXbomb here! You guys seem to be having fun.  I can not wait until Fanime! Woo Wee! EVERY ONE GET YOU FLEX ON! I am so running about getting every  one I know in costume to do a flex pose... and yes even others that I do not know. So if I ask, pose like mad. *Giggles*

Hey there BlondeFLEXbomb... don't forget meee!!! PhotFLEX!! Hey guys I posted the photoshoots from JT and Sac in a new folder in my Cosplay Members Gallery. Heres the link:

I look forward to a more indepth photo shooting sessions over the comming months....  

Everything is up from Anime Overdose now and I will be concentrating on Gatherings and photo shoots for Fanime. Along with cleaning up some unposted pics...

Is Team Flex going to the Cherry Blossom Festival? :P
This is BSaphire... official photog for Team Flex and proud member...*Oh Yeah!! ^^) .. Flexing our way to a con near you*

Do you have Team FLEX questions? Do you have FLEX questions in general? Post em here guys... (That means you too Team FLEX!) If you have Flex pics of cosplayers etc. let us know where we can see them!

Remember.... Always Flex before Con *Giggle*