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The List has been updated!

I have not received an
Submission Request from the following gatherings:
Soul Eater
Legend of Zelda
Assassin's Creed
Fire Emblem

If your gathering is NOT on the Official List & you submitted your SR then you need to check your email and make sure it was sent. As of 5/4 ALL received SR's have been processed and the information is on the Official Gatherings List.

If your gathering/event name is NOT mentioned above and you would like it listed you can still complete a SR (see post #3 of this thread) and send it via EMAIL to: [email protected]

Post #4 has the information you will need. POST it here in this thread!

The Official Gatherings List CLOSES @ 11:59pm on May 15th. The FINAL List (cleaned up version you can copy and print to bring with you to con) Will be posted by 11:59pm on May 17th. THERE ARE NO ADDITIONS OR CHANGES AFTER THE LIST CLOSES.

So Cospeeps.... are you ready for Fanime? Will your fingers be healed and your cosplays complete? Do you have your ride, room, and food money... what about those unexpected expenses (yeah that extra $50+ for the dealers room so you can get that cool item this year :P ) If you said yes to any of these then you are on the right track!

Love and Peace Cospeeps!
@ Organizer:
I sent you a PM Please respond ASAP
I have locked this topic because it is a competing thread. WITH that SAID: I would HIGHLY recommend you assist RyuHayabusa on their Live Love gathering because I have a feeling that this will be lots bigger on Sunday. RyuHayabusa has been running gatherings at Fanime for quite a few years and would be a good person to learn from.
RyuHayabusa's Live Love! School Idol Project thread is located here:,19770.0.html

Hello Cosplayers!
The Official List has been updated with all received and complete SR's.

If your gathering/event is not listed and you have sent in your SR PLEASE check for a response to your email.

If you have not sent in your SR..... Please check the current list and PLEASE note that TIMES are starting to be blocked out. Then submit your complete SR to gathernigs @ ASAP The List closes May 15th and CONFIRMATION is right around the corner.

The following gatherings have submitted their URLs to the URL list thread but have not submitted a gathering SR:
Soul Eater
Cosplay Battle!
Legend of Zelda
Assassins Creed
Five Night's at Freddy's

PLEASE review the status of your gathering/event and let the department know what your plans are. Reminder that NO SR = NO listing on the Official Gatherings/Event List and the department boards located around the SJCC.

ONE MONTH and counting!
Quote from: tjimmy2 on April 19, 2015, 10:15:54 PM
Stuck in the checkpoint on the california nevada line. damn NCR and their legal-ese.
Did you have your caravan paperwork in order, or not enough caps? Talk to Ghost, maybe she can throw you some work so you can get out. :P
Where are all the Fallout fans???
I think Puu will be there... although it looks like Yusuke found out and that is why he isn't coming :P
I updated the first post gathering info. The days are Friday and Saturday, 6:30 PM ~ G4

I will not be running a Thursday one this year and I am not sure who I will cosplay yet.... hummm. I look forward to seeing all the great cosplays though :)
The first post is updated and should include ALL of the SR's that have been submitted.

IF your gathering/event is missing from the list please send an email to: [email protected] with your gathering SR information. I know of 9 possible gatherings that have NOT submitted yet.

If you think you submitted your SR to: [email protected] but do not see it listed, please look in your SENT folder to see if it was. Check your DRAFT folder to see if it saved a copy.

If your gathering information is incorrect or you would like to change it PLEASE respond on your Original SR submission all changes you would like.

Quote from: Avairrianna on April 08, 2015, 01:00:54 PM
Quote from: Quinnton117 on April 07, 2015, 11:53:18 AM
Cyclone Spynn will return yet again. Any word on the date and time yet?

Nope! Sapphire hasn't open up the timings yet for the large cosplays.
Hey there! SR opened up March 19th and is now open to all gatherings & events so please get your SR in to [email protected] :)
Quote from: Nikkiolie on February 05, 2015, 10:57:59 AM
Anyone cosplaying Jojo's this year? I didn't see a thread for it yet.

I should have Jolyne and Jotaro with me.
You may want to be the organizer for this if you want a separate gathering. Here is the link on how to do it:,19896.0.html
Also, I am running my last Shonen Jump gathering Sunday @ 3pm ~ G9 for all the Jo Jo cosplayers so please come out and represent your favorite Jump title :)
1st post is updated. Not all gatherings that have submitted are listed. Please look for an email response or a PM in your forum box and respond asap.

Hope to have the list completely updated by Friday evening. Then you can worry if you submitted your SR and your gathering is not on the list.

Thank you for you patients
Love to the cospeeps!
*zombie snarl and teeth chomping*
*B stabs zombie in the head with combat knife*.... Where are all the Walking Dead cosplayers? What a fantastic season 5 has been! Are there any Zombie cosplayers? What about some Resident Evil?
COME ON AND JOIN IN.... I might even bring a chocolate pudding cup or two... :P
Location changed from last year to G9 the "Fallout Zone" located in the front of the convention center down in the plaza are in front of the building where Registration is.
Location changed from last year to G9 the "Fallout Zone" located in the front of the convention center down in the plaza are in front of the building where Registration is.
I filled in the time, but please take the poll anyway. I have it for Friday and Saturday @ 10 pm ~ G4.
Here is the link for the Magi gathering:,18143.0.html

locking thread
just in case