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Quote from: Nanashi on December 04, 2008, 10:11:50 PM
Would there be any interest in some fighting games? I could bring a PS2 and a dreamcast (possibly Xbox), plus a boatload of fighting games.

You know... bring it just in case. I'll give him a call before the event to double check. He has only one television, so there's going to be a lot of wires for just even two consoles.
I talked to the owner today about any other events hell have. He'll have his Wii there. He's also short a controller if would like to bring one... or more to help out. I didn't ask which games he'll have, so if anyone has some party games they want to share, please go right ahead!

Also if anyone wants to bring board games, you're welcome to do so. I'm also bringing my DS if anyone wants to play something. ^_^

*Don't forget to bring your friends!!!*
^_^ Yay for people! I'm glad people are able to attend. Usually the owner has had it on Yaoicon weekend so many opt for the con. Please don't forget to tell your friends! I will probably make another maid... or something. xx; Had to move recently so my costumes are in a big box.
General Anime Chat / Re: PIctures of Your Anime Room.
November 19, 2008, 09:24:47 PM
DAMN. I keep moving all over the place so I can't show any pics of my crazy anime room. ^_^ At least I can watch the other posts.
Ah thanks then! I mentioned to the same group about Elfen Lied in comparison to it... they said it was much better... ANYWAYS. Aside from that, I can add Higurashi to my list of things to see. ^_^
Is Higurashi worth it? I'm not sure if I'm prepared for the mindf**k my classmates and friends claim it is.
Quote from: on November 11, 2008, 10:14:57 AM
Ooh... Is this event open to the public? Is it okay to post it to the BayAnime calendar if it is?

Oh yes, go right ahead! The more the merrier! ^_^
Usually he opens things up around 10am-ish and it goes until question mark.. or whenever people want to leave, which is usually around 5pm or 6pm.
Address to the party:

1296 Kifer Rd. Suite 606
Sunnyvale, California 94086

It is behind Costco on Lawrence Expressway.

Usually what the party consists of is a Wii + games, a lot of food and big sales which the owner doesn't usually offer during the con season.
I talked to the owner today. The party will be held on December 13th at the usual place. Cosplay is encouraged!
Squee... x3 Akatsuki is hawt.
A shirt I bought at Spencers... HAD to buy it.

Here's my list.

-extra strength pain killers, usually a full bottle
-my sewing machine (for big repairs)
-my sewing box (numerous tools inside ie. safety pins, thread, buttons snaps etc.)
-vitamin supplements (recommended to me by the division head of live programming, he ever crashes after a con)
-duct tape ... for the big emergencies.
I was thinking recently about my wig and I haven't gone to storage to look for it yet. If it's too short for Seiren, I may just go as awakened Yuuki because I have the hair and eyes for it.
Big Event Showcase / Re: maid cafe idea
October 12, 2008, 10:44:05 PM
^__^ I like seeing the meido kissa by the windows and not in the panel rooms. The kissa from 2008 was well controlled. I'm not sure if this was done in the past, so is there a way to post the menu online before con?
;-; I want to cosplay a RK char.... just not sure how daring I want to get. Maybe Battosai or something. *_* love the Battosai.
I'd kill for certain anime and probably remove those who made crap anime like "Lodoss' Legend of Crystania." *shudder*
Quote from: JohnnyAR on October 09, 2008, 04:02:45 PM
The news is old, I can't believe you haven't heard.

Yeah, this is old news and good news that they're giving it a final push. I'm glad they're finally making the DB movie. ^_^ I can't wait! It looks more realistic if Piccolo isn't the pea green we know and love him to be. He looks more human live action. I hope they don't ruin it like they did the DOA movie. I was having high hopes for that. Well... I'd still buy it if it only came out on DVD, DB being the entry drug and all that.
I miss almost every major and minor character from Code Geass. >< I cried at the end of R2... it was so sad! All CC has now is a hayride.

Schneizel, the sexy bastard probably should have died if the ending was different.