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Stop by the .hack//ENEMY forum. My husband deals with trading and selling of .hack//Cards of the sort under the name Jehuty. That's be cool if we could own a store, lol.
General Anime Chat / Favorite Manga?
January 27, 2005, 03:12:20 PM
Well, I only have a limited amount of manga, so I can't say alot, lol. However, my favorite out of them is Bakuretsu Hunters.
XD Muaha. I'm glad you like it. That Marin video was also pretty funny too. Anyways, I figured I should post the "Chocobo Robo Voice" video as well. It has a nice story to watch while the video loads!
:D I spent a good ten minutes looking for AP because I thought the sign faced Duane. Instead, it faces Lawrence and the sign is so small. The guy who was there said that they weren't allowed to post a big sign. THAT PLACE IS HELLA SMALL. It's like the size OF a Fanime Dealer booth. They sure do pack alot into that itty bitty living space.
X_x I only had room for so many, sumimasen. Wondering why Choi is up there? People like the little folk. If your fav isn't up there, then just post who you do like. : )
Ah, okay then. ^_^ Just curious. I'll do my best so that I make a fantasterific Alphonse!
x_x I knew I forgot one! lol... I tried to add "other" to the poll.. but I have too many options already.
Craziest thing? XD I went to Fanime and got hooked.
I'm just curious about this and I like to ask these polls. ^_^ This would be for otakus of either gender.
oO What list? >> I demand an answer... perhaps. It's just that I'm just curious. I hope Al turns out well. It'll be my first time working with craft foam, so I hope it turns out well. >< Wish me luck!
^_^;; Typo on my part, I was sleepy. I'm making the entire thing on my own, no one's helping me. My husband is going to wear it.
:D I've been given the awesome task of making Alphonse Telric in his armor... cool huh? Look out for him... he's a big guy!!
Quote from: "ZJCitrusGraffiti"Yay! Another .hack fan! Which game volumes do you have so far? They're getting scarce, aren't they? I was lucky enough just to find vol.1! And as for the TCG, I looked at the "starter" deck lists of CONTAGION and saw that it was the only way to get the main character PC cards without depending on chance if I were to buy the boosters. Say, do you happen to have the .hack//ENEMY: GIFT set?

:D If you look on the bbs on the official .hack//ENEMY site, I'm an avid player. My sn is "Atma_Wpn" over there. My husband on the bbs is "Jehuty", so stop on by for cards and such. ^_^ We have the GIFT promos too.

As far as anime-wise, my husband and I don't have alot of the series as we only have the first volume of .hack//DUSK.
XD I love that flash video. There was also "Chocobo Robo-Voice" flash too, but I like FF A+ better.
LMAO...ordinary girl MY BUTT. I love it when flash movies are made like that. My fav is Final Fantasy A+.
General Anime Chat / What's your favorite Ramen Flavor?
January 06, 2005, 03:11:22 PM
:D That's right my pretties... vote away. Muahahaha.
x_x I'm actually making a maid costume for Fanime that I'm halfway done with... clothing wise. ANYWAYS... for NeliCat's neko gathering, I'll probably have my ears on, so um... o_O go catmaid!
*claps* :D Yeah, good job. *prods the chad* I agree. Kudos for all.
General Anime Chat / So...where do you buy your anime?
January 03, 2005, 12:40:51 AM
O ho ho ho ho ho! My friend gave me an AWESOME link to buy cheap imported anime! I reccomend it for everyone. The main base is in Sacramento.

They often hold sales and sell box sets of popular anime series for cheap. Also, there is this next place where I haven't yet tried as I don't know their system, but anime is cheap.
I went to Suncoast and found the .hack//SIGN soundtrack for $17. I love it so much XD. I happened to have listened to it on my way to work today.