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Buy/Sell/Trade / (WTB) White Gakuran/Boy's highschool uniform
« on: May 14, 2013, 05:39:31 PM »
Long story short, my cosplay plans did not go according to my wishes and now I am in search of a White Gakuran/ Japanese boy's school uniform. Obviously the con is in a week so I will need it very soon to modify it, but if anyone has one available please do let me know.

I will be attending as Kaibaman, and may or may not have a princess Edina with me.

Hey all, I'll be coming to fanime this year as another Battle City Kaiba, along with two of my friends as Bakura and Mokuba. Unfortunately, we won't be making it to the con until Saturday, so we'll be unable to make the gathering ;____; but rest assured, we'll be stalking the hallways all weekend~!

I will be coming as teen!cowboy!America.

Hello fellow bleach addicts fans. This year,ill be Crossplaying as the infamous ogihci ikasoruk,please add me to the list of epic win?
xD yeah. All Ichigo cosplayers better watch out ~because i will be ambushing you.

Im going to try and aim for Shirosaki (hichigo) from Bleach,given that i have enough time/money/patience to make all the props for it. 

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