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My brother and I made a reservation at the Marriott, and we came in this morning to check in, only to find that they have totally screwed us over in not reserving a room for us. I guess the Marriott was really booked this year. They said they set aside a room at the Four Points, and while it is admittedly nice of them to reserve the room there free of charge, we made the reservation there at the Marriott, we paid money expecting to get a room there at the Marriott. The Four Points is too far for us. Thankfully, we might have been able to get a room at the Hyatt (made a reservation, currently waiting for a room opening, still wary after what happened this morning), but the fact that we had to run to the Hyatt at all doesn't make sense.

We figured that had Marriott done something like send us an email about the whole "there's no room available, we set a room aside at the Four Points" earlier to let us know, we might have had a chance to prepare. In that situation, this whole thing would have been understandable. But they didn't.

Here's the best part of all of this: they actually did send us an email about it. After we already found out when we tried checking in this morning.

I'm just wondering, is anyone else getting this sort of BS from the Marriott this weekend? I'm really only making this post to let people know and prepare for it in the future should it happen to them.

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