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Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Plamo build group 2015
January 21, 2015, 08:34:35 PM
Yeah would be nice, welcome to the hobby of Gunpla and Plamo!
Ideas and Suggestions / Plamo build group 2015
November 03, 2014, 07:40:44 PM
I have been curious about if there was a way to have a Model building group of some time if there was not one already. Gunpla and Zoids and other plastic model kits, building can a fun place to meet new people and share experiences. 
Registration / Re: Group Registration Member Requirements
November 03, 2014, 07:07:09 PM
Quote from: SOawesomeness on November 03, 2014, 06:57:52 PM
The leader should - it seems like there may be a bug in the system with groups. We are working to get this sorted as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience - check back tomorrow and see if it's resolved then.

Thanks, We were also having problems with registration with a group of Three members keeps telling us we dont have enough people for a group of three.

We were worried it was going to be like last years minimum of Four again. Thanks Ellie
Seriously, This would be my second year for Fanime. Was really excited about this year and getting to do it again. I travel From Oregon (yes not as far as others but far non the less) to attend and have fun with the whole con. Actually since the start of the lack of Information, and updates to the Con. Has left me rather regretting even preregistering and attending. Let alone my friends I made there that attend Artists Ally could not be attending because of the shrinking of AA and other new paths to get in.

Which is all weird when the tag line for Fanime is 'By Fans, For Fans' Yes Dealers hall is the biggest income aside registration, but Panels, Events, games, Artistes, guests, Press, and fellow con goers. that is is what the fans look for let alone the Merchandise and what really make up the con. Then the Press people help advertise your Con and get more people from across the country even other countries to come. These seem to be the last people you would want to have last let alone tell anything.

You start with Late and broken Registration/Hotel system, to shorten lines 'Groups are now 4 more more'. Now that Group the 3 is now 3 individual people in line, then one person of that group of three or two. You have more then likely turned away attendees by both Out of the blue announcement, then you had to have connections or know where this information was to be found.

Next with the whole General attendance craziness, you have NO info about Panels, Press, and AA attendance. Referring to what makes up the con you leave the bones of the con left out of the skin. It again is not the most confidant start to Precon Registration, again people are turning a way due to the lack of info and well organization.

Next the Web site and lack of info, new attendees and Returning ones look to a Web Site to see what is exciting to them. Not hunt all over for the Social Media sites As Facebook and Twitter, even then so little info has been given. People are not seeing info for the things they are interested in as in Panels, Music, Games, Events, Special Guests. Again The stuff that makes the Convention. 

It is April 2, 2014 I was hoping that it would be up by March at least, But i do understand the problems with setting up a web site. But 48 days before I fly down there to attend worries me that the 'Organization' is just not there and interestingly enough as said the split parts of Fanime Clockwork is up running and just fine. Its obvious that the 'BIG CHANGES' Fanime wants to make have made the Important things and facts about the con take a back seat. The Priorities should be the web page, and INFORM your Attendees being Con goers and those that have events as games, panels, and Artiest Ally.

Again I understand Technology can prove to be huge problems when you are under a crunch, but that dose not prevent you from keep us all informed and actually letting attendees say about your registration changes before you drop the bomb on them. Might I also point out Cons Half even Quarter of the size of Fanime, have info up three months after the con, also some of these Cons Run twice a year. Yet they have info ready and flowing for the attendees, it dose not show good for the now 5th Largest Anime Convention in the United States.

But thank you for working hard at trying to pull this together, Please take this failure to launch start and learn where you need to start for next year. Because  I for one will be seriously questioning about attending next year if nothing is done or changed.
This would be a Second time going To Fanime, its now become a Tradition for me and my Girlfriend. But I Fly in the day before due to schedule crunches and delays. But the fact we can not Register as a Group because its only 2 maybe 3 of us going was a huge let down let alone the LACK of information about changes and such on your social Media sites. If you change anything with the Group Rules and lower it to 2 or 3 can we get our single badges to Group. Because I don't want her waiting while I am in line because I get to wait because she could not get my badge. Due to my Plane being late.