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General Anime Chat / What Anime are Y-O-U Watchin'?
July 28, 2004, 06:52:07 PM
Well, it's about time to start another one of these know what to do.

Naruto - Of course, who's not?

Samurai 7 - I saw an episode, it's pretty interesting.

Bakuretsu Tenshi - This is actually a pretty cool series.  It's cool...and...well...other stuff...

Ramuiro Senkitan - This series is whacked.  It's wierd, has nearly no plot, and feels somewhat random without comedy.  But I guess I'll finish it anyways...

S-Cry-ed - Just got my hands on this.  Only watched hald an episode just to "preview" it, but it seems pretty interesting.

Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai - Just saw a promo, I have the entire series, but haven't started watching it.  It's nice... :P
General Anime Chat / What's new, what's good?!?
October 25, 2003, 06:07:13 PM
Well, it's been a while since one of these topics have risen up.  Since I have nothing to watch now...I'll start one!

So, what have anime have recently finished or been watching lately?  Just list and give small details such as genre and brief intro.

Scrapped Princess - Execellent!  A medieval story about a princess who is exiled because she is destined to destroy the world.  A story of a young girl who leads a rough life having only a few friends and her dear brother and sister to protect her while the world is after her!  If you like an action-packed anime, you gotta get this one!  Nice character development too...

Onegai Twins - In a sense, different from the Teacher, yet, has the same feeling.  It's awesome to see some of the old characters make occasional appearances in the oh so short series.  There is good character development, and a decent plot.  But I felt it was a bit...well...boring.

Gundam SEED - AWESOME!  I loved this series and I must say that this is probably one of my favorite gundam series along side 08th MS Team.  There is some good character development a nice plot, and some robots getting the SHIT BLOWN OUT OF EM!

And that's all I've seen lately.  Currently rewatching 08th MS Team, and starting Last Exile...
General Anime Chat / Watcha' watching?
August 21, 2003, 12:01:15 PM
Well, it's been a while for one of these topics to come out.  So, lets keep this thread clean.  Just list with a little description each anime you are currently watching or recently finished.

Gundam Seed - Despite the fact that Bandai decided to license it this past month, I'm still able to get some torrents of new episodes.  Grant you, it's hard, but I want to finish the series.  It's really good for a Gundam show, and one of my favorite Gundam series along side with 08th MS Team.  If you like Gundam or mecha in general, I recommend this.

Scrapped Princess - Just started watching it.  I only have about 5 eps, but from what I've seen, it's very nice.  Make good use of today's technology, the animation is very clean, and lovely to watch.  Fun stuff.

Onegai Twins - Episodes are coming along very slowly, and I'm surrently downloading ep 5.  It's pretty nice, and it keeps things going.  It's not too slow-paced, and not too fast.  It's not great, so far, but enjoyable.  I can't seem to find the connection to the first one yet....

Saikano - I'm rewatching this.  Just finished ep 10.  after this, its gonna get sad as hell... :cry: It's a drama type, so if you're into that, watch this.  Be warned though, if you're a girl you WILL cry.  And the rest of you, well, you might.

Gad Gaurd -'s soso.  Think of it as Digimon clashed with...Gundam?  Something like that.  More like a mecha-based Digimon show.  Even the artwork reminds me of Digimon.  Of course, the colors aren't as vibrant, but are more dark, giving you the New York City dark feel.  Good stuff, action-packed and fun...

Well, that's it for now.  Having a good time with anime before school starts.  Which is next week, so then, I won't have too much time...
General Anime Chat / Where do you get your anime?
March 20, 2003, 05:24:44 PM
Well, im just curious as to where all of u get ur anime...i download most of mine.  borrow some of mine, and buy some of mine.  mostly download,