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heh... this post brings back memories  :wink:
General Anime Chat / octobercon 2003
October 10, 2003, 01:58:33 AM
not to be promoting paracon or yaoicon in any way (this is the fanime con board, afterall), paracon is about $20 to $30 to get in, but in some sense, it's worth it if you wanna have some fun in the park as well. all access to the park and the con. but is it's like what i remember the first time i attended two years ago, whoo, it was the worst con ever (comic book shop guy voice here). all the events were in a barnyard type building, there were no cosplayers, no big premieres, no panels. hope things are more hyped up this year.

as for yaoi-con, yeah, this is going to be interesting this year. a con based on a subgenre of anime? shoot, i should make hechicon. anyhoo, you kids gotta be at least 18. i'm not too hip on the boy-fun scene, but i wouldn't mind seeing cosplayers and visiting a the dealers room. yaoi-cons been growing in numbers and popularity, and i love social gatherings... lucky!
General Anime Chat / octobercon 2003
October 08, 2003, 11:19:00 AM
just wondering if any of you lovely otaku are going to:
yaoi-con- october 17th weekend, san francisco
paracon- october 19th, great america
i'm probably going to both, and it'll be interesting to see what these smaller cons have to offer. i guess halloween starts early! hope to see you there!
1) yeah, rurouni means wondering.
2) all i heard was the third season of kenshin's wack. is this true? after media blasters put out the "legend of kyoto" out, which was probably the dopest in the series, kenshin goes out to look for a sword. am i missing out?
3) kenshin in japan, samurai x in US. on top of everything else people said, samurai x is just easier to pronounce and relate to. it's marketing in the US, baby. just think, if people ask for the new rurouni kenshin @ best buy vs. people asking for samurai x. you think an associate could spell rurouni easy? plus, samurai x is more straight forward. whaddya think the x stands for?
4)who cares. it's all about puffy amiyumi.

forget the TV series. watch the OVA's trust/betrayal and the last ova atonement.
where are the old school otakus at?

1. urusei yatsura
2. project a-ko
3. bubblegum crisis
4. gunbuster
5. macross

does anyone know if VH1 mentioned robotech or voltron during their "i heart the 80's" specials? a majority of you peeps seem new school.
1. kareshi kano no jijou
2. rurouni kenshin ova's
3. evangelion
4. kimagure orange road
5. card captor sakura
oh schnaps! child rapist in the hizzouse! close you windows and lock your doors, cuz there's a prowler on the loose, ready to let loose his burdened soul on the innocent. hahaha! excuse me, all you beautiful, nice people, while i go hip-hop on mr. new type, one time, wack line poster, mr. animesuxandmymomhooks.

first off, you shouldn't leave a picture of yourself underneath your post. i know god loves ugly, but if that's really you, i'd ask god to make an exception. if the pic is the person you idolize, then shucks, it must suck to be you. second, your words hold as much weight as dirty politicians... no one gives a f'. you tell me who's the sick one, signing up for a message board just to put down people who share a common interest. and as for the, ahem, sex comments, daymn, your even more creative than me authoring this post. in all honesty, i'd rather be the person that gets none rather than the person who gets some in prison. you're headed on a long road to self destruction, kid, and miss cleo can't even help you out. grow up. i'll be happy to be the one to give you that reality check you're looking for. believe that. this board is on neighborhood watch, and preditors like yourself gets no love.
okay, tangents aside, here's another question...

so say you were to date either your anime dreamgirl/guy or an otaku with the same anime interests as you. where would you take your dream date and why?

hmmm, this is a tough question, even for me. if my date was miyazawa yukino, i'd take her to cha cha cha's on height, sf, for drinks and tapas. then, for dessert, sophies crapes in japantown, sf, and we'd probaly wait inside kinokuniya and read her journals since the crape line always takes an hour. then, club milk on height for more drinks and dancing, and top that off with some cuddlin' in an area overlooking the bay (wonder why i never even thought of taking my regular dates to these places).
oh yeah, about that tsubasa, i was just thinking about tsubasa shibahime from karekano, and whenever i think anything karekano, i get excited. didn't know tsubasa is common in anime/manga :?

here's a question: would any of you be interested in dating another person interested in anime, or would you rather date someone who watches anime casually, if not, not at all? to date and otaku or not to date, that is the question. personally, i'd rather not date another otaku. i'm the type of person that likes to introduce new things to people, and i don't think i could compete w/ a girl that shares my same hobbies, be it sports, music, games. whaddya think?
ahh, take that back! what's up with the hidden (a)genders with you crazy posters? someone please explain the significance of sexual ambiguity on the net (i'm pretty sure i know about it in anime)?
it's interesting that you guys/gals bring up the whole gay/bi/straight issue when it comes to anime dating. although li shaoran likes yukito, it's more of an affectionate sense rather than just being "gay." he has no homosexual tendencies, and if you look into the series much later, you'd see that li falls for sakura, so much as to constantly protect her. same goes for tomoyo, who loves being around sakura so much. keep in mind that the nature of love differs between the american culture and the japanese culture, where here, love is more explicit and to the point, whereas in japan, it's more reserved and romantic, so to speak.

best post name: tsubasa. with a post name like that, i'd date you ;P
General Anime Chat / Cutest Couple ^.^
April 14, 2003, 01:39:00 AM
kyosuke, madoka, and hikaru (where are the 3somes in this poll?)
word to faye for posting not only her top guy prospects, but her top girl prospects as well. now i gots to step up my game and play matchmaker. here are my anime guy pics for all you ladies:

Kasuga Keiyosuke (Orange Road)- noble and sweet. so what if he liked two girls at the same time. he's the anime equivilent to kevin arnold.

Himura Kenshin- there's just too much goin' on for this cat. he protects the people he cares most for. nuff said.

Souichiro Arima- you know it was coming. a guy who hurts himself inside to have others not worry about him. only thing is that his emotions are scary.

Saotome Ranma- For those girls that want that sense of humor. Mild-mannered but fun to be around, and his girl 1/2 isn't overbearingly female, thank kami,

Spike (Cowboy Bebop)- might be a more of a guy's superhero than a girl's love interest. but remember, faye was up in his ship, and he didn't tap that, rather, he waited out for his all time love, julia.
for you kids that would want a little spice in your life, here are some anime hotties that i think would be nice to have a fling with, but not necessarily start a relationship:

faye valentine- c'mon, dude. this femme fetal would leave you for a bounty.

lynn minmay- anime's queen beeyatch. no diss to mari.

asuka langley- you know she'd give it up. she gots something to prove.

mutsumi (love hina)- ahh, this is too easy.

lum- for some electric boogaloo.

priss- date her first, then fight her later.
now would you guys seriously choose naru narusegawa? think about it... yeah, she's smart, ambitious, and caring, but she'll kick your @$$!, straight up. sure, if your the bdsm type otaku, but if you even talk to a girl, naru will come out of nowhere and make you a star in the sky. that, and she's too slow in persuing a relationship. you'll have to court her for years until she realizes you like her.

as for nuriko... well, if you're a guy dating her for the first time, and you later found out that she's actually male, then that's some crying game ish. but if you know that she's male from hello, then y'all just freaky.

tomoe from the rurouni kenshin ova's is another canidate on my dating potential list. although she might plot to kill you, she'll die for you in the very end. now that's gangsta'! also, kaoru from kenshin is another girl for me. girls that are understanding and comitted are always a plus, and kaoru will be w/ you every step of the way, welcoming you home w/ a smile.
who would it be and why?

Out of all the anime I've seen (and trust me, I've seen a lot), I'd have to say that Miyazawa Yukino from Karekano ranks as #1 for dating potential. Why? Because she is the complete package. Yukino is smart, naturally beautiful, and very outgoing. She's strong willed enough to be independant and solve her own problems, yet she leans on others for support whenever she feels the need. I appreciate how she listens to others, and then responds w/ how she truly feels, while at the same time, complicating her mind with complex or heart-filled thoughts. Yeah, Yukino ranks top on my list, but who would rank high on your list for dating potential?