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General Anime Chat / octobercon 2003
October 08, 2003, 11:19:00 AM
just wondering if any of you lovely otaku are going to:
yaoi-con- october 17th weekend, san francisco
paracon- october 19th, great america
i'm probably going to both, and it'll be interesting to see what these smaller cons have to offer. i guess halloween starts early! hope to see you there!
who would it be and why?

Out of all the anime I've seen (and trust me, I've seen a lot), I'd have to say that Miyazawa Yukino from Karekano ranks as #1 for dating potential. Why? Because she is the complete package. Yukino is smart, naturally beautiful, and very outgoing. She's strong willed enough to be independant and solve her own problems, yet she leans on others for support whenever she feels the need. I appreciate how she listens to others, and then responds w/ how she truly feels, while at the same time, complicating her mind with complex or heart-filled thoughts. Yeah, Yukino ranks top on my list, but who would rank high on your list for dating potential?