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Testing, testing, may I post?
^ Ah, but I'm not prepared yet!
< How did things align with your friend there?
> Why, I'm never prepared! And I really want to read, but it's hard to stay into it.
v How do you entice yourself to read a book?
^ Nothing to prepare for, so yes?
< And some luck to you, too!
> Good speakers are great.
v Last song you learned the lyrics to?
^ Computer and eating in my room. Waiting.
< Ayee it's the weekend.
> Waiting for results for J-Pop Idol, and an airing of a movie I need to watch in entirety.
v A movie you've been meaning to see?
^ Hm. It's almost Friday...
< Audio editing isn't as fun as video editing.
> Think I'm just going to turn in what I have for this audition.
v What do you wish for?
^ I don't think so, but my brother on the other hand is going to.
< Lots of cons branching out to other locations, huh?
> This audition, ack.
v What are you trying to improve on?
^ Nah, man.
< What kind of stuff?
> Intense chats be intense.
v What was the last intense chat you've had about?
^ Whenever!
< I wish you the best of luck! (And I shall breathe over your shoulder about it...)
> Good music is good.
v Do you wish it were cooler out?
^ Talking is good.
< Oh my oh my~
> Not sure if I'll be attending a double date that was kind of agreed on.
v Last agreement made?
^ Got some stuff done, need to get some more stuff done.
< Heh, Wolfenstein. Heard it was pretty good.
> Be prepared!
v What are you preparing for?
^ Yep : )
< You eat out a lot, huh?
> Need to complete my audition for J-Pop Idol... I musn't procrastinate again.
v Recycling a question: are you going to J-Pop Summit Festival?
^ Maturity?...
<  What is the basic process of that?
> But seriously, though. Maturity is something I lack very much in.
v What are the benefits of building your own PC?
^ I didn't realise this was posted on...
< That is quite a lot of doughnuts.
> Video editing is very fun.
v Crunchy cookies or soft cookies?
Quote from: limDsage on June 16, 2014, 10:55:00 PM
Alas, the Kingdom is deserted once again.
Nah, I've been here. Sitting.
^ Haven't had a Dunkin' Donuts dougnut, so Krispy Kreme it is.
< Dougnuts at your office or just referencing Donut Day?
> For every A on a report card, Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut.
v How do you spell donut/doughnut?
< My brother, too, is playing Watch_Doges.
> Outside is where the warmth is.
^ 'Twas good.
< Didn't win, but am sure glad I enteted. Also, which figures?
> Forgot to eat...
v What do you often forget to do?
Am seeking out shots from the Just Dance tourney : )
^ 37%. And more.
< Only now do I fully realise you work on a site I frequent...
> Awaiting for any uploads of the Just Dance tourney...
v Do you often use ellipsis?...