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^ Playing Just Dance with hella people again.
< Ah you are not alone, I've yet to complete my own cosplay.
> Got lots of reading and a bit of other work to do here. I'll be able to finally apply for a job at the school, too.
v What have you been getting done?
^ Don't think I'm going to cosplay this time around, so... no.
< All your cosplay is good?
> I however, am not ready. Gonna need to register and all.
v Any remaining tasks for the con?
^ I work best at night, and I have a hard time sleeping early, but I'm not sure if I enjoy it. I think I do.
< Ah, dancing for me to let the bad vibes subside.
> Working on Resident Evil Zero.
v Game you're working on?
^ Oh my goodness that is some perfect timing you've got there. Yes, I very much have a fondness for them.
< Actually, I did not go to the musical...
> Promise that you won't Google it, but for PS4 in the PSN store, look up P.T. and play it. Please note Mr. God Sir Kojima worked on it.
v Resident Evil or Silent Hill?
^ Gonna see a musical taking place at a college I'm interested in.
< Welcome to the weekend!
> Today feels like a Saturday. Very comfortable with a good amount of nostalgia.
v What would make your Saturday?
^ Had a good day yesterday!< I kind of wish I was busy with work...> Depending on the work, anyway.v What have you finally gotten done?
^ Nah, I'm still a teenager so I rarely even ever get a greeting.
< Ah where to?
> Wow I start classes later so I finally get a chance to sit down and eat breakfast. Hurray for no starving.
v How often do you eat?
^ Google has not assisted me well in answering this easily...
< I should've kept an eye out for the Papers, Please cosplayer(s) at Fanime.
> All spent from socializing today... gonna need some recovery time.
v A cosplayer you wanted a picture of and missed the opportunity to?
^ Eh. Probably.
< Even though I haven't personally played it, I have a great fondness for that game.
> Listening to The Golden Echo album preview. Freaking magical.
v Any anticipated albums?
^ The last thing I watched was The Voice digital exclusive.
< Persevere! : )
> So excited for the upcoming school year. Too good.
v What are you listening to right now?
^ Probably something from Legally Blonde the musical.
< Are you okay?
> Woo, filming starts tomorrow!
v What's up for you tomorrow?
^ Read two books for a class.
< Where is this Taro milk tea?
> Man, I'm still waiting for pie and a reading buddy.
v How distracted do you get?
^ Really loving it. Very comfortable, kind of a toned down SF weather.
< Eh, I have no money and it tastes decent enough for me.
> Oh man I love electronic music.
v Preferred genre of music?
^ So far it's nice, chill. Feels like a Saturday, you know?
< Gosh dang that is a beautiful burger.
> Might just drop by McD's for some meh burgers...
v Pizza or burgers?
^ Read and hopefully I won't let that backfire.
< The Habit?...
> Signed up for an AP English class and have three days two read two more books. (Kind of) finished the first book today.
v Last project you had to complete?
^ I mean, it went. It was a good, chill day, though.
< I can't tell if that's a great sum of work...
> School will be in session in a few days.
v Last book you read?
^ Sunday has melded into Monday for me.
< Ah, what have you retrieved?
> I forgot how to sleep. Anywho, gonna pick up my schedule today and various things.
v What's up for you today?
^ Trying to make something of all my fabric. So many unfinished projects.
< Oughta sleep it off.
> Think I may found something I could do.
v How often do you find yourself not finishing something?
^ I have seen about zero movies.
< Heard Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty fantastic.
> Sewing is extraordinarily frustrating. Or at least pattern making and cutting the fabric, anyway.
v How do you feel about sewing?
^ Sitting.
< Have not heard of this store.
> My room is pretty comfortable right now.
v What do you listen to when you're working?