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^ Apply directly to the forehead?...
< Fight!! Wow, it really is close by.
> Time to go outside, I guess.
v Favourite song as of late?
^ Mawaru Penguindrum!
< How long is each episode?
> AH THE PASSION. And no energy to do anything...
v How often do you wash your hair?
^ Summing up motivation in this current warm weather.
< How does one get into Jojo? Sounds intense...
> Aah, it's warm.
v Favourite board game?
^ Plans are tentative for J-Expo. Would like to, it's the weekend of the week school starts.
< Got to work for the paper.
> Character designs are hard.
v Next event you're attending?
^ Pink used to be considered a masculine colour until Hitler tampered with every gosh danged thing.
< Clean homes with a tiny amount of mess are nice.
> And the frustration rises.
v What kind of home do you live in?
^ Nope! If it's on for me, I'll watch. Soccer is pretty fun to watch.
< What kind of mess is your room?
> Funding...
v How do you fund your hobbies?
^ Finishing up what I can in my room with cleaning. Because, seriously, it's been a while.
< Futbol!!
> Bedroom interiors and furniture are fantastic.
v Your favourite piece of furniture?
^ Sure, you can.
< The excitement is great for this one!
> 90s/early 00s sitcoms are good.
v What internet browser do you use?
^ Oregon or Nevada, I don't go very far.
< From my little knowledge, Seattle looks like a clean place.
> I have a fondness for books about countries.
v Where would you like to visit?
^ Haven't done enough to be able to have an opinion on that, but I'd like to.
< Ah, the windy and rainy one of the cities!
> Need to re-clean my room.
v Most important item to pack when travelling?
^ Have not, but of the films out in theatres right now, I'd like to see that one the most.
< Likewise, haven't seen 22 Jump Street.
> Haven't seen many movies at all, actually...
v Favourite beverage?
^ A tad bit. Of all the sports, soccer/futbol is the most interesting to watch for me.
< Yes, bro-ships! I was watching 21 Jump Street and Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are such bros there, it's great!
> That's probably why I have a fondness for war movies so much.
v Your favourite duo?
^ Asian snacks from the oriental market...
< 90s Music references, surprise, surprise 90s Music.
> Man, bro-ships are so great.
v Ever been in a play?
^ Twas very windy earlier, nature probably kept it up though.
< Oh my, oh my. What are the plans?
> Will be in SoCal this weekend, and might have a chance to meet the Game Grumps :D
v Favourite YouTuber?
^ Nah, brah.
< Is Wolfenstein as good as I heard?
> Boom. Finally finished a sandwich that I've had fo a while.
v Last thing you ate?
^ Mayer Hawthorne's music as of late.
< And we jammin'.
> Hella tired.
v Last movie you watched?
^ Faddle-ton Sir.
< I really want a job, but I feel I should also take advantage of Senior year and free time I may have.
> Debating what to eat. Been wanting Jollibee and oriental market snacks for the past few days.
v Favourite snack?
^ Hamburger pizza~!
< I suggest a nap. Or plenty of caffeine!
> I want a job.
v Your first job?
^ Brocolli.
< Walking is good. While barefoot, not so much, I'd think.
> I'm really thinking I squandered that audition.
v What do you wish not to mess up?
^ Sdown.
> Animal Crossing: New Leaf >:D
v Have you played AC:NL?