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I believe there was fighting genre gathering last year, but not quite sure for this year.
Next year I'll try to attend as a Soulcalibur character : )
Quote from: Meester E on May 18, 2013, 09:46:25 PM
Honestly, I was fine with it. They knocked down the old library and looks like they're expanding the area which can lead to more stuff for Fanime to have available. The basic structure of the building got up (complete with windows!), and I wouldn't be bothered by it because there was a bit of space to walk around.
Totally agree. As long as we have more room to party :-D
Plus it's fun watching the progress.
The lower level is, like a few already mentioned, a lot thinner in the previous registration area. Also, wood panels were added onto the ceilings, so they are significantly lower, so you should be careful with not smashing your face in while on the first level. There is some space and seating beyond the stairs.
Nearly the entire front of the convention center is blocked out, except a bit of the Mariott side. The "slab" area by the Hilton is also still open.
It's definitely going to be extra crowded this year.
Any estimate on the prices of the plushies?
That Pochacco is freaking wonderful.
I'll be bringing Rin's Lollipop Factory dress. Until then!
I'll be attending as Kagamine Rin in one of her World is Mine designs.
Thank you, and see you all soon!