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^ knows what's in my car
I've cut my drinking back to almost none at all, dont smoke now, work out while watching anime, and eat healthier.  Also, I'm trying to be an all-round better person.
The Killing Floor OST
I have a $800 suit.

Kiss and tell?
^ Gotta move on and fight the good fight!
< That's sad :(
> Vice President of a startup company
v Progressing?
"Where's Registration?"
Happy Things in the Happy Universe / Re: You win.
October 20, 2014, 07:28:36 PM
Try Again?
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
October 20, 2014, 07:27:11 PM
You missed me and don't have the will to admit it.
The truth hurts. So does surrendering pride. Only when one admits faults does one find them in others..
^is my dominate hand.
My anticipated ignorance is my bliss. The truth hurts more than any venom.
On sabbath.

Work it out?
^ burgandy wine
< they say that lunch is the second most important meal of the day.
> might apply for another cert....
V last tv series seen to the end...?
I didn't see them this year. Did they show up after all?
Quote from: JohnnyAR on May 25, 2013, 03:32:41 PM
Quote from: Lucifargundam on May 19, 2013, 09:46:56 PM
Quote from: JohnnyAR on May 19, 2013, 03:47:13 PM
Come one fellas cheer up this young Marine! Promise me you'll take a lot of kickass pics!
I can help. Any requests?
Just post any pics of any kickass cosplay, thats all. Anything Evangelion and Hellsing related would be cool.

Thanks, man. I hope your time at Fanime is a pleasant one.
Unfortunately, there wasn't that many Hellsing cosplayers this year, but there was a neat Eva car outside :/
Happy Things in the Happy Universe / Re: You win.
July 14, 2014, 09:20:47 PM
What? No line-con?
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
July 14, 2014, 09:18:37 PM
You're late.
"Mrs. Hyde" - Halestorm
Forum Games / Re: One word
July 14, 2014, 09:15:11 PM
^ loves to sleep on my couch