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 Hi, I'm new to the forum and am also new to the rules here but I need some advice on selling anime figures for anyone interested. Like most otaku, I have enjoyed collecting anime figures over the years and have found that I now have too many of them and need to let go of some of my collection. Most of my collection is like new or new with most figures taken out of their boxes once or never at all. If possible could someone advise me as to a trustworthy site to sell my used, like new, and new figures? I have a big assortment of Idol Master Cinderella Girls prize figures and SAO statue figures and a kimono statue figure of Asuna that is still in its bubble wrap. If someone here would be interested in helping me out or buying them from me let me know and I'll post pics of the figures in this topic, answer any questions about the condition or authenticity of the figures and give me a list price for the figures. Please let me know if anyone wants them or can give me some advice on where to sell them. Thanks.

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