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So everyone good with 5 or 6?  Any preferences, or should I just go with something in between?


I'M SO SO SO SORRY!  Life has gotten way stressful for me in the past few months ;___; Saturday seems to be what everyone has decided on, but 4pm already has other series so... maybe 2pm or 3pm??  5-after is fine, too.  I'll also update the list (thanks electrocute for fixing it up in my absence!)

My group of friends are doing Tales of Vesperia. We'll be Duke, Yuri, Judith, Estelle and possibly Rita.

We can't organize the gathering because we're going to be so busy with our art table, but let me know if you guys find any info on a Tales gathering!

Yaaay!  The costumes in Vesperia are so cute.  I don't think there will be a Tales gathering, though someone kind of attempted one on coscom...

@BSaphire:  Sure thing!  I'll be away for spring break this Friday so hopefully we can have a day and time by then!

So everyone, should be hold it on Saturday again?  Same time, too?

Any Tales of cosplayers?  I was hoping to find an Abyss group to meet up with, since I'll be going as Natalia this year :3

@electrocute:  I'm thinking the same.  Sunday always has a lot going on.

@livi:  Yes, it would be very cute~! :D

@Melly:  Ooo~!  Pic is blurry, but I can still tell that you'll be a pretty Euphy! ^-^

I'll most likely be going!  I have a few characters I'm thinking about, but I'll let you know before I make a definite decision.  Please put me down as Madame Red for right now, but that's most likely gonna change xD

@chaosbark:  Ooo, a tea party~~ :3  I can help contribute stuff, if you'd need it!

Heeey I was the Uni from last year!  I'll probably bring her back again for this gathering (and hopefully I can find a Gamma~~ <3 ), but if not, I'll be one of the Varia ppl~  For now, just put me as Uni, please~~

Might be there as Rinali, not sure which version, though :3

@livi:  That'll be great!  You'll look so cute in Anya's wig~~

@electrocute:  Added~!

@Melly:  Wish I had something to offer, but no :( Sorry!  Hope it goes well~~

@livi:  Oooo~  We need one this year!!

@livi:  I bet it was awesome!!  I wish I could have gone XD  Do you have pics?

@d man n:  Geass contacts WOULD be cool!  I remember in '09 a Lelouch cosplayer had them ^ ^  And added~

@livi:  I guess it just makes it even more awesome to see in person! XP 

@ryusan:  Added~! =)

Count me in!  I'll be Hunny or Kasanoda, but I'm not sure which version of either I'll be yet.

Heehee~  Soon I'll be a freshman...but in college, tho  :-\ 

Arghh I love all of CLAMP's artwork for Code Geass xO  It just looks like a pain to make, for a lot of the costumes!!

I'm a high school senior this year xD 

Freshman year!  I remember those days *nostalgia* xD

Bumpin~  ;D

Hope everyone's summer is goin' great~~!

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