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Okai~!  Euphie should be lotsa fun, too! =D

Awesome~~!  I'll put you down as both, for now! =)

Code Geass 2011 thread!


Will be posting on cos.com sometime in the next few days!

@livi:  Lithuaniaaaaa xD  That would be quite fun, for obvious reasons!!  And Russia is my favorite, too, with his pipe of doom sunflower~~!

@everyone:  New thread is up~! http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,14764.0.html

It was great to see the awesome turnout for 2010's Geass gathering!  Let's make 2011 even better~~! :D

If you have suggestions for days and times, please post them here!  And also let me know which character you plan on going as, so I can add you to the list~!

Day: Saturday
Location: Fountains, Marriot side

Attendee Count: 14~

[Black Knights]
Zero/Lelouch: RyuSan777, Ali, Rukazu3*
C.C.: nicoleonlywalks*, Hara

[Knights of Rounds]
Anya Alstreim: livi-chan
Bismarck Waldstein: Kaname_Tousen

[Holy Britannian Empire]

[Imperial Family]
Euphemia li Britannia: [kannazuki], Melly, electrocute*
Empress C.C.: Rukazu3's
Nunnally vi Britannia: MaruChan

[Imperial Army]
Suzaku Kururugi, Knight of Zero: Knight of Infinity

[Ashford Academy]
Lelouch Lamperouge: d man n

Legend: *=Variant, [maybe], ?=or

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

@livi:  Sounds like fun!  If you spot me, I'll be the one dying of heat in Russia's coat xD  Who will you be that weekend?

@everyone:  I'll be starting up the new Geass thread sometime in the next few days :D  Hope to see you there~~

@livi:  Glad you had fun!! =)   I'm a "maybe" as far as SacAnime goes, but I'm hoping! 

@livi:  Haha noo they were really helpful!  I was drawing a major blank, not to mention there weren't a lot of characters to do the planned groups o___o  I was like, "Wait, where are all the Euphies?  Where are the Suzakus??"

Late post is late o____<

To everyone who showed up to the gathering, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I was really nervous taking over and running this gathering, but help from some cosplayers and everyone's overall AWESOMNESS made it really worthwhile!  I hope everyone had an equally great time =)

I'm thinking of starting a new thread for '11, if you're interested in bringin' the Geass back next year!!

@ livi-chan:  Oh, were you the Anya who gave me the great ideas for group shots???

Arghh I really wanted to make it this year, but cosplay funds were so low >___<  I'll try to come next year as Eva-Beatrice!

Post-con depression!  I had so much fun this year ;______;

@Kyra:  Maybe we could have it at a later/earlier time, so it's not so hot?  I think everyone except the Seychelles cosplayers were burning in their outfits x_____X

@ice queen:  Planning early!  I like it! 

I have pics!  I'm still uploading them to my photobucket, but I'll post a link as soon as I get them all up ^-^

The gathering was so much fun!!  All the fanservice ^/////^  I'll be uploading my pics soon, so I'll post a link hopefully this week!!

I'll be posting my pics too!  I LOVED the Hungary group shot!  And a lot of people from the gathering also went to the B&W ball.  Anyone have pics??

My cosplays were:

Friday - Hungary from APH (with long sleeves and a frying pan.  I was with the Finland)

Saturday - Uni from Reborn! (I was with a Chrome).  The later half, I was Kaguya from Code Geass.  And later I went bacck to Hungary.

Sunday - Hungary again.  If you saw me at the Black and White Ball, I has the long green gown, with my Hungary wig and flower.

Monday - no cosplay, so no pics ^^

If you have any pics of me, send me a PM!  I'd really appreciate it!!

I have a Chrome officially going with me!  Unfortunately, no Gamma or Byakuran ;____;

General Convention Discussion / Re: WHEEEEEE!
« on: May 26, 2010, 10:01:04 PM »
I am sooo not ready!  Too many costume details to finish!!! Dx

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