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General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime Founder AMA
Last post by fantom - May 15, 2024, 10:51:22 PM
I don't have any specific questions but I think that would be a great idea for a panel. It would also be neat to see old stuff from back in the day, like program books, photos of guests and venues, etc. if you still have those. A lot of anime convention history is disappearing. Many people who started up regional anime clubs back in the day are no longer with us. Sharing and preserving this kind of history is always welcome.
Hey, I'm planning to cosplay Mika from Seraph of the End on the day of the Shonen Jump gathering. It's a series not many people cosplay now but I was still wondering if it could be added to the photography lineup since I'll be attending the gathering as it :)
Updating the thread with this nifty graphic! See you there!

Oh no! The meetup is the same day as the D Gray Man meetup that I also have a cosplay prepped for! Since that meetup is so much smaller, I'm going to attend that one, but keep an eye out for a Lucy Steel on Friday or Saturday! Have fun everyone!!! The JoJo meetup is my favorite every year!
Quick lil bump for anyone interested in this unofficial gathering! Lets get together and cry about Lore Olympus ending, or if you are not on fastpass, we can hype you up and make sure you have your tissue box ready for the end!
Live Programming and Events / Re: Schedule of Fanime 2024
Last post by danielfruth - May 13, 2024, 11:24:36 PM
Thank you!
Panels and Workshops / Re: Vintage Anime - Name That ...
Last post by InsaneDavid - May 13, 2024, 08:07:31 PM
We're doing it again!  This will be my FIFTH YEAR presenting Vintage Anime - Name That Year at FanimeCon.  This is a combination game show, vintage anime panel, and anime OP showcase.  2024 will run two full hours with TWO FULL GAMES, just like 2023 and 2022!

All new titles never before showcased!  (seriously, we'll have featured over 80 different Anime productions after this year - starting to get difficult to build a varied list)
Live Programming and Events / Re: Schedule of Fanime 2024
Last post by InsaneDavid - May 13, 2024, 07:59:49 PM
There's a grid schedule here, I'd assume subject to change at this point.
General Convention Discussion / Fanime Founder AMA
Last post by Narutakikun - May 13, 2024, 05:25:44 PM
Hi, all!

I'm a founding member of FanimeCon and was chairman of Fanime 1995. If anyone is interested, you can AMA about the early days of Fanime, the anime scene in the 1990s, or anything else you'd like.
Oh I love that!!! Can't wait to see y'all there.