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Big Event Showcase / Re: 2018 forms for competing in masquerade
« on: April 09, 2018, 02:43:19 PM »
Is it true that if you want to enter, it has to be based from something Japanese?

Hi! I'm working on a pyramid head cosplay and I wanted to know if there was a maximum length for allowed props? He has a giant sword, and I want to scale it to the size I am going to be, which means its going to be pretty long. Does anyone have this information?

Thank you!

I'm going to be a podracing twi'lek. Would I fall under extended universe? It's my own creation, or should I also do Prequels because there was podracing goodies in them?

Thanks for any help!

 :) Hi, would anyone be interested in hosting a Bethesda or Elder Scrolls gathering again? It was so magical.

Hi! Did you happen to get a photo of me? I was Casual Combat Medic Mercy on Friday, Capable (The redhead) from Mad Max on Sat am, The Pint Sized Slasher from Fallout 3 Sat PM, and Combat Medic Ziegler on Sunday!

Thanks so much <3
 FB + IG @ MNVFoundry

Im SOOOOO Excited! Thank you Maweeahh for all of your hard work!

Hi! I'll be attending as Combat Medic Mercy from Uprising! Can't wait to see you all

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