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Hey good to see this is up again I'll attend both gatherings/fights but If possible I'd like to keep my character under wraps, lets just say Random Character?

ah what the hell Producer-san it is!

count san diego chargers minato in!

Hey good to see everyone on here again! Looking foward to seeing all your friendly faces again as my Minato from last year has leveled up and is more accurate so count me in too!

Nice to know there's a gathering of this calibur! Count me in As Keitaro Urishima of Love Hina! for both gatherings!

Ryu from stret fighter checking in!

Hideki from chobits checking in

Ryu Checking in for Capcom

i say keep to two days again and from here on out its fun doing it that way. also gives people who missed it and or wanted to fight as a diffrent character. Btw does anyone have shots of me fighting as Minato (Persona 3) vs Ash (Poke'mon) on Fight Day 1 or all the Keitaro (Love Hina) Fights on Fight Day 2?

BTW Robbie thanks for hosting this again had a great time
If you Ever Need the GatheringPhone (Megaphone) just leme know, Whats mine is yours-Yours is mine! =]

odd i sent it, is in the board i dont see why she dindnt submit it? welll the gathering is as goes and will be still going on see you all in 1 WEEK GET HYPE HOSTS!!!

ok fanimes coming in 1WEEK WHO GOT HYPE!!

Your Name of gathering/event: Ouran High School Host Club Gathering
Your Changes to gathering/event info: none
Your Possible attendee count: 20-30
Your Gathering/event photography order:
Events: Photoshoot
(In Order)
Host Club
Big Group Shot
Champagne *Apple cider* Shot
Fan & Photographers Requests

Honey-Sempai Cake Eating Contest (I'll Supply A Cake if others can supply one)
The Oringinal Which is Hikaru? Game
Snapping And Crashing
Kick The Can
Hide And Go Seek, or Tag


Your Name of gathering/event: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Gathering
Your Changes to gathering/event info: none
Your Possible attendee count: 20-30
Your Gathering/event photography order:
Hare Hare Yukai!
Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite
Saikyou Pare Parade
God Knows
SOS Brigade Scavanger Hunt

Shots In Order:
SOS Brigade
Bunny Suit
Other Characters
Group Shot
Fan Requests


shouldnt be a problem just give me a good estimate when you might show and ill try and aim for that time

Gosh, that sounds tempting, but would everyone else be okay with moving the time? xP

im pretty sure they wont mind, i can break tradition this one time lol

aww @ sombody i dont thinks its fair you miss out on our gathering two years in a row! i can reschedule for you and rice it you gals want me too.
im real fair when it comes to making sure all the atendeeswho want to be apart of the gathering possible! =]

hey B updated my gatehrings with times and dates

Ouran Fri @ 3:00 pm
Melancholy Sun @ 2:00 pm

Schedule updated time and date tenitive, want to do it on sunday but heisitant due to Masq on sun

Currently working on Umehito Nekozawa. Im just short of the pattern close to what he has on to make it.
good luck and hope to see you there,
btw evryone all details posted!

btw guys list is updated so feel free to spread the word of the gathering, this gathering has normally been large and i do intend to try and keep that way. so keep up the good work Hosts

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