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 It's done~ <3333

My  Liechtenstein Cosplay <333

The time change is cool with me~ One of the mods will have to edit the first post again though.

Registration / Re: Are there certain hours for picking up Badges?
« on: May 05, 2009, 09:09:27 PM »
Thank you muchly <3

Registration / Are there certain hours for picking up Badges?
« on: May 05, 2009, 08:36:23 PM »
I plan to attend the con on Friday~ But I can't leave till after school meaning I won't get there till later in the evening.

Are there certain hours you must pick up your badge at? Or can you get it anytime?

Thanks for your help.

well we aren't offical yet... shirikan_sakura have you submitted the app yet? :D
I submitted it earlier this week, we just haven't been added yet.

The list has been updated~

Sorry, for the long wait gai's, been busy with family issues and such. Let me know if there are any errors on the updated list.

Code Geass Gathering
Day: May 24, 2009, Sunday
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: The fountains on the Marriott side

Yessss~I was hoping there'd be a gathering <3

I will be attending as Liechtenstein~ Unless unexpected problems occur but so far everything is on track. I'm also trying to convice a few of my friends to cosplay characters as well but I'll see how that turns out.

@ shireikan_sakura :  Do we have a set date and time for this gathering?  In the CLAMP thread, combining the two gatherings was brought up (since CG is CLAMP-related).  I think things are getting a bit confused, so I guess it depends if this will be a separate gathering or not... ^^;

Right now it's set for Sunday @ 1pm. I would like to have a seperate gathering of just CG. We can always move the time, I believe the dates are the same what time is?

I could wear either my Nunnally or Kaguya outfits, depending on which day you're gunna do the gathering...
I do strongly suggest either saturday or sunday because those two days are busy and more people would be able to attend the gathering and more people would come to take pictures... but the Naruto gathering is in the way and so is the masquerade on saturday... how about you move the time? like from 1 pm to 3pm or smt, that way everyone would agree since Naruto is on 1pm and masquerade is usually done at night right?
OMG BE NUNNALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to change it to Sunday as for now, same time though.

LOCATION:-The fountains on the Marriott side

I've updated the gathering list, excpet for livingrain since your hopeing for a date change.

Anya: Rei-Rei(maybe)
C.C.: Rei-Rei(maybe), Naya_B,samcarter,Aki
Diehard: ShadowRoxas's brother (maybe)
Euphemia:  Bri
Jeremiah - Agius
Kaguya:konataFTW friend
Kallen:Cateyedprincess,Kanameshito,Catspaw ,livingrain,Briar
Lelouch: Naya_B,Inuashley,darkse1d,Levistus
Luluko: Oniko
Suzaku:  Oniko's friend, Heartlovegrl,Udon,Yaminogame, atan134340,Knight of Infinity,Levistus Brother,
Tian Zi-Lady Marionette (maybe) kannazuki
Villetta: Persephone, Mister_E's friend(maybe)
Xing Ke-Lady Marionette friend (maybe)
Zero: zemric, Clawmaster, Udon friend,Rally,topoisomeras

Thank you~if there's any mistakes let me know.


I'm pretty much currentlty just picking a time, if anyone else has another suggestion or it collides with something else please let me know, but we should at least have a starting time.

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: TBA- I've never been to Fanime so, I really don't know much about the location.

Day: Saturday

Sooooo...who's in and who's out???

I'll be attending as Euphemia, haha YESSS.


C.C.: Rei-Rei(maybe), shireikan_sakura's friend, Naya_B,samcarter
Villetta: Persephone, Mister_E's friend(maybe)
Zero: zemric, Clawmaster, Udon friend,Rally (maybe)
Anya: Rei-Rei(maybe)
Diehard: ShadowRoxas's brother (maybe)
Euphemia: shireikan_sakura
Suzaku:  Oniko's friend, Heartlovegrl,Udon 
Luluko: Oniko
Lelouch: Naya_B,Inuashley
Llyod-Shireikan_Sakura's Friend
Tian Zi-Lady Marionette (maybe)
Xing Ke-Lady Marionette friend (maybe)

CODE GEASS!~ Nightmare Frames <333333

Waaaa...Thats horrible, I would take over but ugh....so much work. jfsdlkjfsdkfjs I would need a lot of help ;_;

mmmmm....Suzaku <33333

Registration / Re: Problems Mailing in Registration Payment?
« on: October 17, 2008, 10:17:36 PM »
I don't mind waiting, I'd just be worried it wouldn't be returned in time, to mail it back. Plus my mother wrote the check for me, and I don't think she'd be too keen on writing another one. But who knows. Thank you, I'll probably end up doing it this way in the end.

I live in Monterey. A Senior at Monterey High. So, yeah.

Registration / Re: Problems Mailing in Registration Payment?
« on: October 17, 2008, 09:46:08 PM »
We think we have resolved the issue. Please to send to the following address:

Edit: removed add, see above

I mailed in mine a few days ago to the address, below since it was the one printed on my registration. So, do I have to wait for my mail to be returned and then re-send my check + Registration back out lsdjfsljfsdljsd
FanimeCon 2009 Registration
798 Auzerais Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126

I just wanted to let you know, that my friend who was going to be Lelouch, is unable to attend, because he's being very fail ;_;

Also, since no one has purposed a time. Anytime works for me, but I sugest Saturday or Sunday, more so Saturday. The time frame being between 12-3pm. Not to early not to late. x3

XDD I was really hoping there would be a gathering so I'm really pumped for this. If you need help, I'm in. <33

 XDDD I just made an account so I could reply to this.

Woot! First time going to Fanime~

I'm going as Euphemia one of the days, and possibly Nunnally one of the others but definatly Euphie. I also have a friend whose going as C.C and then 2 other friends who might be going as Lelouch and Kallen, but I'm not sure about them yet.

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