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Sounds fun! I was Howl for Halloween and I'm down for any opportunity to wear that big flappy jacket again!
Sounds fun, I'll plan for one of my Gundam character cosplays that day!
Convention is less than a month away and still no word.. I have a lot of stuff I was hoping to unload at the swap meet but who knows if it'll actually happen. I tried to email them for answers but never got a reply.  :'(
Well, Fanime is cancelled, but I'm still going to work on my costumes. :'(

Maybe once it's safe to go out in groups again I'll have a costume party at work! We were starting a Monday night gunpla workshop right before we had to close down..

Meanwhile here's some of my terrible closet cosplay ;)

So I'm probably going to scrap my plans for 00 Gundam. :( I've been out of work for a couple weeks due to the coronavirus shutdown and it seems like a bad time to be throwing money into an expensive hobby like this.. which is a shame because I already had some elements like my Tieria wig and glasses ready to go. I have a decent closet-cosplay of his first season outfit, but I don't really want to wear it for the group pic. Maybe I'll save it for Sunday or Monday when I want to do something more casual and low-key.

Fortunately, my Athrun is pretty much done aside from some little details I want to change and I have just about everything I need to make Chibodee, so I still have options..
Friday is fine for me too, though I don't have a strong preference for what day/time
Quote from: masao on February 24, 2020, 02:06:06 PM
I'll be doing the red uniform for both, as a matter of convenience, so no white uniform Yzak, sadly. I'm pretty sure my friend doing Lacus will be wearing another dress than her first songstress one, so we'll have some variation there  :D

Yeah, that would make sense. Making just one of those ZAFT coats was enough of a hassle. I wouldn't curse anybody with making two of them..  ;D
Quote from: masao on February 07, 2020, 03:29:15 PM
Yay! that's great. I'm planning to go as Athrun and Yzak this year, and I have a friend who might be doing Lacus.

I hope we all get our planned costumes ready for Fanime. Do you and your friends have a preferred method of communications? So that even if we don't get enough people for the official gathering, we can all meet up and do photos anyway. (SEED fans unite~)

Awesome, what version of their costumes were you planning? I'm doing Athrun's ZAFT uniform and my Lacus will be wearing the white/purple dress from the beginning of the series. I'd love to see someone do Yzak's white uniform from Destiny~

We're also working on Chibodee Crocket and Domon Kasshu from G Gundam right now, and possibly Tieria Erde and Setsuna F Seiei from 00. It's gonna be a whole weekend of Gundams for us. *__*

If you want to contact me, just send a PM on the forums here. I don't check the boards often but I do get email notifications for new messages. :)
Yes, absolutely! I've been debating starting a thread as well..

Last year I went as Athrun Zala from SEED; this year one of my friends will be joining as Lacus Clyne. We may or may not have others joining our group, depending on who actually follows through with costuming. At the moment we have someone planning to be Shinn Asuka, and I'm trying to convince my Lacus' boyfriend to go as Kira Yamato..

We also have plans for some of the other Gundam series, if time and budget allows for it. Possibly characters from 00, Wing, or G Gundam.