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Still need a spot
Quote from: seerakosumosu on May 17, 2014, 11:22:43 PM
I got a swap meet space for both days and am willing to share with someone. Since I
am flying up I can only bring two suitcases of items and will most likely only need to
use about half the allotted space. In case you have a lot of merchandise I'm skilled at
artfully arranging things and making maximally efficient use of space.  ;)

My only caveat is that I'm trying to minimize the expenses of the con as it's costing me
a lot to fly up there, so I'm looking for someone who wants to share my space but is
willing to pay for the entire spot for both days, just like people who missed out on artist
alley are willing to do. My reason for attending the con is to sell at the swap meet and I'm
not even sure if I will do well as this is both my first time attending Fanime and my first
time paying so much for a swap meet spot at an anime con. So I thought this would be a
good idea that could benefit both parties.

Please send me an email at seerakosumosu[at]gmail[dot]com titled "Fanime 2014 Swap Meet"
I need a spot:( for Friday.
Quote from: seerakosumosu on May 17, 2014, 03:12:57 AM
Sent you an email
I replied to your email!
Live Programming and Events / Share swap meet?:(
May 17, 2014, 02:51:41 AM
Did anyone get a swap meet spot that doesn't have two people signed up or doesn't have a whole store to sell? I really was hoping I would get swap meet. If I wasn't going to do it I wouldn't had gone to the con but the ticket and plane are non refundable...
So I was wondering if I could share a bit with someone :(
Wait i see it now on facebook on may 14... it's still wasnt announced well at all! It's really not that fair...
:( I really needed swap meet to make money before my boyfriend comes from Japan to visit me. :( is there anyone who would share part of their space with me?
It was said there was going to be a 48 hour warning. Not a 4 hour warning. I was checking the website not facebook
Thanks for that NONexisting 48 hour notice we were promised.I didnt know about the swap meet going up at 7pm and totally missed it. I really needed a spot...:(
So swap meet is going to be 2 days this year? Thursday and friday? For thursday what time does it start...?

And I am confused. Are you saying we need a seller's permit this year? I never had one before for swap meet.
Including Naruto, My Little Pony, Pokemon and Cosplay merchandise!

1. Shipping is not included in prices
2. I will ship internationally, just remember that the shipping will be higher.
3. Total sales must be greater than $3.00

Mighty Muggs

 This is a BRAND NEW MINT in the box Commander Gree Star Wars Mighty Mugg that was only available at Hasbro's booth at the San Diego Comic Con 2008.
Price: $14.00

This is a BRAND NEW MINT  in the box Indiana Jones Fertility Idol Mighty Mugg that was only available at Hasbro's booth at the San Diego Comic Con 2008.
Price: $16.00

  This is a BRAND NEW MINT in the box Transformers Optimus Prime Mighty Mugg that was only available at Hasbro's booth at the San Diego Comic Con 2009.
Price: $25.00


Long Orange wig w/bangs
Price: $28.00

This uniform is from the anime Bleach. I am cleaning out all the costumes I have that I did not make. So I did not make this costume. It was made by an Ebay seller. It has only been worn for a few hours and thus is in great condition.It is quite comfortable too.

Costume consists of:
Chest: 34-38 inches
Waist: 28-32 inches
Hips: free. Skirt is on natural waist line
I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and the skirt goes half way down my thighs.

Price: $65.00

Hi. I just sent you guys an email because I am being told I am part of a group by the staff but then the group says they don't think I am. And I had bought a table for me and my sister to sit at together so I don't want to be sharing and have a half table. SO I very confused!
Well, even if this doesn't happen. i'll be Ryouga and my sis will be Ranma. I look forever to finding an Akane! ;D

So does that mean some people are going to be given a seat randomly?

Also, I thought I registered very very early and I haven't received a seating assignment. I know some of my friends who registered after me have. I sent the artist staff an email but I haven't received an answer.
I should be Kyo. I'll have a Tohru, Momiji, Kagura too.
Hopefully I won't miss this again! : D I will be Ryouga. And my sister, Roxyryoko, will be male or female Ranma. I think she is bringing both wigs.
Hopefully I can finish piffle world sakura in time. I need to make the top and hat. Syaoran doesn't look like his jacket will be finished...
My friends want me to be Sailor Neptune and do a group for the ball so I will no longer be Gaara.
I will be shippuuden Tenten instead of Sakura for this. And my sister Roxy Ryoko is being shippuuden Neiji
If I come I'll bring a Haruchi with me.
These are supposed to be good for Fox trot: "You Make Me Feel So Young" - Frank Sinatra
"I've Got You Under My Skin" - Frank Sinatra
"Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" - Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong
"Night and Day" - Dionne Warwick

At the bottom of the page there is some midi of swing music:

And here's a huge list for two-step:

I liked the songs the convention used last year for the ball and practice.
Quote from: ewu on March 13, 2009, 06:21:27 PM
No way for us to tell. We are waiting on people to go to the office and pick them up. Maybe in the next week?

OKay. Thanks.