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Heyas, thanks for putting this gathering together! I will definitely be there Sunday as Diamond.

For the sketch, I would like to request for Diamond =). Looking forward to seeing everyone next month!
Woohoo! Thanks Xia! I will definitely be there at 11am, in one of Sakura's new Clear Card outfits!
I am down for Sunday afternoon for Houseki no Kuni gathering! Any day other than Saturday works for me honestly.
Yay, Houshi no Kuni love! I will be Diamond, most likely on Friday or Sunday - CLAMP gathering will be on Saturday. If this gathering date changes - would love to attend! ;D
Will the 2018 CLAMP gathering likely be on the same date/time as 2017's (Saturday, 1pm)? Just checking for logistics/planning. Thanks!
Yaay! Continuing the yearly tradition! I will be there as Sakura (CCS outfit TBD) and my friend will be my Tomoyo. Excited to see everyone again.
Planning on cosplaying Rei this year, tentatively on Friday =).
I'll be bringing out Freyja Wion from Macross Delta this year. Tentatively on Saturday =).
I'll be there as schoolgirl!Madoka with a huge Kyube body pillow plush. So glad this gathering is on Friday! See you all there~!
I'll be there as 'Catch You, Catch Me' Sakura Kinomoto on Saturday! So excited to see you all this year!
Would it be possible to have the gathering on Sunday? I'll be going as Hanbok!SeeU and would love to see you all!
Hello everyone, my friend and I will be cosplaying from CCS:

Me: Catch you, catch me!Sakura
omgyaystars: School uniform!Tomoyo

Can't wait to see all the pretties again this year!
I am thinking about cosplaying La Corda D'Oro (from game/anime/etc) for Fanime this year and was wondering if I could tempt anyone else to join me in pretend instrument play! XD. I'm sure I've seen some cosplayers for this series wandering around last year and hopefully you guys could bring it out again for a small gathering? If there's enough interest, I'll put up the character sign up and start setting up a time and meeting place =3.
like zomfg, this Euphie dress is EPIC! LIKE NO OTHER WORDS CAN DESCRIBE IT, EPIIIIIIC!!!! Sorry, just had to do the caps lock XD, I just tried on the dress part of the outfit today and it has a TRAIN, where are my ladies in waiting~! X3
Oh where oh where has my Suzaku gone, oh where oh where can he be~? XD All the C.C have a Lulu, but it's so hard to find a Suzaku? =O, I just got my blue contacts for Euphie banzai! Less than a month to go guys!
Noes...we need to jack one from the Code Geass gathering XD.
Hiyas, I am uh...changing my CLAMP costume yet again...XD. Why can't I stop changing my mind, why??! Anyways I will be coming as Euphemia Li Britannia from this picture: ^^;. So yea, I'll be representing Code Geass at least, hopefully I won't change the costume again. I can't really maneuver very well with the dress, so I'll prolly be sticking around the con center to eat and stuffs.
Quote from: vasher on March 10, 2008, 07:43:31 AM
Mmkay, so I think there are a few options in regard to gathering conflicts (Bleach, KH, Rurouni Kenshin, Shounen Jump, FFVII):

a) We can push back the TB gathering on Saturday a little bit- say 3 or 3:30pm as a compromise.  I don't mind hanging out for a few hours as Cain after our TB gathering, Kitty, if you're worried about that.  ^^  FFVII is the main one I'm wanting to hit with Seph, anyways.

I just popped in to say, FFVII gathering is happening on Sunday at 4 p.m, not on Saturday ;), hope you guys all have fun doing TB this year, I might bring out my Esther again next year (too many cosplays this year >.0).
Yea~ I just got my wig from cosworx today for my Sakura cosplay =3. Just need to style it a little and Sakura will be ready to go again. Yatta!
Quote from: ININ on February 15, 2008, 10:45:29 PM
Lakari, you mentioned getting a better wig for your Syaoran cosplay.  I, too, got a better wig for my Syaoran cosplay.  No more curls, LOL

Some of us Bleach cosplayers are going to Japantown to get lunch before our gathering.  I'm going, too.  If the trip is successful, I suggest going to Japantown after our 10am gathering for lunch.

Hehe, I did get a nicer wig for my Syaoran cosplay, but I won't be bringing him to Fanime this year ^^;, I have Hokuto instead for the gathering, unless the Syaorans want another Sakura to balance out the number of Syaorans there are at this gathering (I have the Koriyo Sakura outfit). If I'm not wearing Sakura to the gathering, I'll be wearing it on Saturday XD, gosh I have too many CLAMP costumes ;_;. Lunch after the gathering sounds fun, and San Jose Japantown food is so good :D.