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This thread is a good place to start, every year we use these kind of threads to Hunt for pictures and also Post the ones we got that year C:
I have a Public folder of some the pics I got at the gathering, A lot are selfies and random pics of me and my friends at the con but feel free to look through it! :D
I helped host the MGS gathering so I have Some pics, most are selfies but if you're in any of the pics in the Album feel free to tag yourself ( it should be public)

As for myself,
Friday I was Kazuhira Miller from the MGS series.
Saturday I was Bikini Bulma, from  Dragonball
Sunday I was Lady Zero from Drakengard 3!
Quote from: tokenflipguy on May 25, 2017, 11:21:35 PM
I'll be Solid Snake (MGS2). Since the Kojima Panel is on the waiting list. :P

Awesome! See you tomorrow! And ooh I didnt know there was a potential kojima panel o:
Omega! Did you want to meet up at certain time before the gathering to make sure people know where it is?
:D Its almost time, cant wait to see everyone. Im sure there'll more that show up that dont come to forums or FB.
We will have a Naked Snake (connor) and a Para-Medic (kayla) :D
My friend can indeed come as gohan :D
Oh no :c We would've loved to have you
Alrighty! I'll get on that!


Here we go c:

And awesome, I hope you can find a vest I'd love to see! :D Tell your friends too~
;D I'll be there as Kazuhira

Would you like me to set up the FB page, and we can add it to the first post?
Yeah, i'm not sure whats going on with that cuz I'm sure we submitted it earlier. Hopefully they get on it.
Any word ? O:
Yeah I've noticed the mods have been really quiet, the host for another gathering of mine hasnt shown up once after claiming the spot and I've heard nothing from higher ups :c

I hope we got the spot!
If there isnt a FB event page for the gathering yet, I wouldn't mind starting one, so we can see if we can get more attendees :D
Glad to have you~!
I think once everything is settled I can actually set one up :D
A bump for people to see gathering~
Ooh settin gup a FB would be good to have