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Throwing the idea out there, but ShowdownGG is doing a Saturday night, 21+ event at South First Billiards. Haven't been to their SJ venue, but their SF venue has a bunch of old school video games, board games, and drinks. The venue seems to be right next to the convention center if you all wanna check it out.
Schedule is out, doesn't look like anything huge is happening until 2pm, so right now I'm planning for Friday at Noon on Day 1 at AFK Lounge. I'll most likely be there for a good hour and a half probably, so stop by!

If you need my number, PM me but otherwise hopefully see you fools there!
Quote from: abcbadcat on May 15, 2015, 10:56:44 AM
Go Thursday or Monday. Why break info actual Fanime convention time?

Don't things usually start on Day 1 like late mid-afternoonish anyway? Doubt we'd be breaking into actual con-time. The only thing I'd think you'd possibly miss if we held it at noonish is probably just some certain gaming tournaments that run and early bracket. And I only have my hotel there for Friday and Saturday night, so I am not planning on commuting for Thursday and Monday.

But if you have any suggestions for any other times, I'm open to suggestions! I probably wanna do Day 1 though since it's typically the deader day compared to Saturday and Sunday; also it's probably best to meet new people earlier in the lifespan of the con than later.
Possibly down? Only problem is that Thursday nights are usually my Folsom Foundry nights in SF and my hotel room is booked starting Friday, but I still might decide to swoop down after work to pick up my badge.

Let me know if anything is happening, just send a PM if anything.
Quote from: YaoiCat on May 14, 2015, 12:08:08 PM
What time on Friday were you thinking?

I was actually thinking maybe starting at noon or at least before 1pm? Thought it would be a chill place to get some drinks and some lunch before you spend the rest of the day at the convention center. Later at night probably won't work out too well since it's SJSU Graduation on Friday, so I assume dining establishments and general nightlife are gonna be packed on Friday.

Also, a tiny bit of it depends on when they release Fanime schedule. I kinda wanna see when some of the events are gonna be before I plan this out fully.

Annnnd since you replied first, I guess you get a drink on me haha.
Anybody down for a meetup? I always wanted to check out AFK Gamer Lounge since it opened like this recent year, and it looks like it will be open at noon the Friday of Fanime. Anybody down for a meetup there? Probably get liquored up before heading out to Fanime for Day 1? Feeling thirsty after waiting in line to get badge? It's just a simple walk away!

Post for interest!

For more info on AFK Gamer Lounge, check out for their website.

Also, anybody been there before and know how crowded they can expect it to be for Day 1 (Friday) or any suggestions for planning for this meetup since I have never been there before?

And I'm down to buy the first person to reply a drink on me hahaha. LETS DO THISSSSS.
^lol sorry you got stuck with my loud BS :P

Hope I gave you stupid footage of me yelling for advertisements next year lol

Winners of the games prior to tag-ripping are given first choice at cards for "Super Powered" nametag ripping. Except the super-powers are channeling Running Man member powers. For instance, the Giraffe card will be the super power to secretly switch one name tag of their choice with another name, for secret, ultimate betrayal. The Gary card will the LOL-LOL power and he's able to recruit anybody at the con to do his nametag ripping for him, etc.

The other games before the final game should probably be Ddakji where you're not given any raw material and have to scavenge for material to make your Ddakji, a mission game which involves recruiting a certain number people for a group mission (for instance, find 6 people who are cosplaying), and make the challenge be something super stupid but funny like playing a communal Pocky game or something, and probably a Running Man trivia game somewhere where we do the hidden spoon game where you have to drink, say instant lemon tea but have to use as much powder that fits on the sppon.

Lets do thissssss.