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I know it may be too early to be asking this, but is anyone planning on cosplaying Jacob Frye or Henry Green from Assassin's Creed Syndicate to Fanime ( Or AOD or AX)
I'm going to be a lone Evie Frye and would like to do a possible photoshoot with either, or both ;D
Am I completely blind or is there nothing up about Masquerade Reg this year? I wasn't going to do it again cause last year was kind of a mess, but idk can't stay away from competition I suppose.

I did want to ask a question though before I register at all if it is still open. Is it alright to put a person as a maybe on the sign up sheet? The cosplay I would like to enter is already done, but I'm making a partner cosplay for my best friend for this year and A, I don't actually know if she'll want to compete, B Not sure how 'competition ready' it's going to be considering I haven't started it yet ^^;
I competed years ago in the Fanime Masquerade, and I remember that then it was hard to get a spot, so does anyone know the general time frame signups are? I keep getting myself into a panic that I'll miss the registration date >.<