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Hello Everyone!

      Welcome back for another wonderful con, let's get excited everyone! This thread is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has anything to do (or is even remotely interested in) the Fanime Cosplay-Spectacular-Masquerade-Whatever-It's-Called-Now event!

     Here we can talk about:

-The themes of the con this year
-What we can expect
-What characters we're thinking about doing
-Any skits we've loved in the past
-Things that we're working on
-The categories we're entering
-The general themes of our skits
-And those of us who have been in this event in the past can feel free to help some of the newbies!

I'm sure this year will be great!

-Princess Squib
Hello Everyone~!

I wanted to create a thread where entrants for the 2014 Cosplay Spectacular can talk to each other, and share their thoughts on the upcoming event.

What can we expect this year?
Is anyone planning on using the theme to your group's advantage?
What awards are you aiming for?
How much duct tape should you bring backstage in case something goes wrong?!

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, horror stories, ect~!

Princess Squib Cosplay
-A.K.A. Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon Burlesque Group