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I have mixed feelings about separating walk-on acts from skits, for one thing it means there is little to no actual performance for the walk-ons and its very awkward in my eyes to see someone go out on a quite stage and wave to the audience and walk off again.  You don't really get to see their outfit, there is no actual play in their cosplay and its visually jarring.  This year we required all acts have sound and we worked with contestants to have sound and light effects that enhanced their performance. However we are going to structure the acts more to make a better show and end on a bang. 

I honestly find that shows that mix them together are really confusing. I went to a convention a little while ago that did this and also made walk-ons have more of a performance aspect, and I honestly couldn't tell if they were supposed to be a walk-on or an actual skit then. As someone who was considering being a walk-on at Fanime in the future, I find the requirements discouraging since if I wanted to actually "perform" in any capacity I mind as well create a real skit and enter as one of those. Why not take a cue from other large conventions on how they structure their walk-on performances? Usually it isn't just "go on stage and wave and get off" but usually they're required to be on stage for about 30 sec. and they strike quite a few poses, maybe on different parts of the stage for photographs. The music and light effects could still be customized that way...
I was wondering what the acceptable format for music is if you're turning it in at the convention. I looked at the rules and that particular field has been left blank. Would you want a cd with the track or can we put an mp3 on a flash drive, etc.?

Thank you!
Can I join up? I'm also interested in meeting people and not being so introverted. Also this is my first anime and I'm going alone so it really would be nice to hang with people!

I'll be cosplaying Red Queen from Alice too! I hope I run into you in costume! Depending on when/what we're doing I might change out of it by then however...
Omg a bunch of my friends and I cosplayed as running man people for a con earlier this year! It was so nice to get recognized and connect with others who liked it. I'm so in on whatever plans you guys have. I'd love to do something Running man related.