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Ah outside in a shaded area....well that won't help me with the performance if it's on concrete. ^^;
Well it was an idea that I wanted to perform, because it's not one of the standard Vocaloid dances or songs or anything.
It's my own.
I can discuss this in more detail if you wish. =)
Even if we move to inside afterwards, that would work out for me, but it'll be hard to perform on concrete for me...cause I don't want to ruin my cosplay.
Hope that something can be arranged cause I want to have a really fun Fanime this year too and I've planned to do this for some time but never could and I missed this gathering last year...
Ara...thank you for your nice comments~
I might just do so now.
Who I'll come as I'll let you guys guess ^^;
If you guys want to guess that is. ^^;
A little game ^_~

But my follow up question is...well I hope we do have it indoors...because I do have a small request.
I would like to perform something for everyone...but that requires sending music and doing a little prep work and telling Armored-Heart, the manager of this gathering.
So I was curious if I could perform something, BUT it requires a bit of space (carpet would be good for it) because I'll be covering a lot of distance with the performance.
Would this be okay?
What does everyone think?
Hope to hear back from you all~
Just a little question but since this is probably the first time I'll be attending the vocaloid gathering...
I was curious if there's vocaloid crossplaying as well?
I'm crossing as a girl vocaloid but I'm kind of nervous about it so I wonder if it'll be alright...
But if it works out okay, then I have a follow up question...but I guess I wanted to know if no one would mind it...I'm just that kind of person that is nervous about crossplaying but I like to.
Hope to hear from you all.
Big Event Showcase / Need a little help finding a vid
August 28, 2010, 03:30:41 PM
Hello everyone.
Um...I need a little help finding a video my group did for Fanime 2009.
My team was 4 Elements of Wushu and we performed during the opening acts.
There was a really high quality video shot from two different cameras and two different angles.
Unfortunately all of them have been removed by the person and I do not know the username.
If it is possible, please help me find these videos because I wish to use them for my team's upcoming dvd.
It's one of our only shows so far and I want to have that record available.
I thought perhaps the person is a professional that comes to every fanime so I thought here would be a good place to start asking.

Thanks in advance for helping.
Big Event Showcase / slight problem - a little help?
April 09, 2010, 09:49:50 PM
Okay I have a slight problem concerning performing during the pre-show for masquerade.
Basically I have been trying to get in contact with an admin about my team returning to the stage.
I have to thank Gary for all his help, but he has said that it's really up to masquerade administration at this point.
Unfortunately I have not heard from him regarding any contact information for any of the admins of fanime.

As the coordinator and head of my team, I need to prepare them plus coordinate things with fanime for performances.
Does anyone have any information regarding who I may contact regarding this situation?
The admin for masquerade or a general admin would be helpful.
Thank you very much for reading and hope I can get some information.
@ Lady Saru

Wow that'd be interesting if I may say so. =)
As my friends always tell me...DOOOOOO IT!

Though I do hope that's acceptable too ^^;; so you don't have to waste time or effort if it's not. But you can still do it even if it's not. The point is to have fun righ? =)
@Nightroad  Thanks~ That makes me feel better. Honestly I've never really crossplayed too much especially not in public. So hoping my friend and I could do the gender-bender Bleach characters. We might also perform a demo if we can find a time and place to do it at during fanime.

Costuming wise...not sure how to really consider it since as Soi Fong, I'll be wearing the Captain version AND the fighting version underneath (which is the standard for her). I don't really have a chest and knowing her fighting outfit is kind of revealing at the top at least. Not sure how to make that work exactly just yet...hmm...
Oh, I just found this forum thread. I'm guessing I'm in the right place if it's about crossplay.
So I'm assuming that the 2009 crossplay is going on now.
Though not sure if people still respond to this since it was last on november 14th 2008.

I'm trying to debate if I should, though I've been crossplaying for years...closet...can't blame me.
Well my friend and I might go as gender-bender Yoruichi and Soi Fong respectively.
Of course getting up on stage to do a performance is scarier even if we're having fun...

Need to figure out if I should do this or not... =o